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i did not loose anything but mental stress.i had to put a number in for it to go threw

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on 1-8-2013 i picked up my prescription for a control substance....which should have been 60 pills and was only 30....the next day i notice they had shorted me,i called and told them,and they gave me the run around for almost 2 to 3 hours...Findley i told them i was going to call the police to find out what happen to my other 30 pills...when i said that soon after that the mananger called and apoligize for the shortage,then gave me a new bottle of 30 pills,with her name on it.....Walgreen's making to many mistake with harmful drugs...something has got to be done about this,before someone gets hurt really bad...can anyone point me to a direction,to get this going,real love to all people,god loves us and so do i,HELP

Monetary Loss: $111.

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Actually, I call *** on this. As a pharmacy tech, I can tell you right now that NO pharmacist will put their name on a script that is NOT theirs.

Not only is that a felony, it is fraud. Second, pills are counted by 5's.

There is absolutely NO WAY someone will miscount 60 for 30. NO WAY IN ***.


It is not miscounted.It is happening because pharmacists and pharm techs are stealing them.I have worked in pharmacies for a long time and have seen it first hand.Always when you get a script count it yourself before you leave the counter especially with pain and anti axitiy meds.Even if they yell and are rude to you stand your ground and count those pills because once you leave that counter you are out of luck and its your word against theirs.


really? who is going to get hurt?

you were shorted, they had to do a count on it and compare it to what the system said they should have. you have to remember they are human too, mistakes do happen although they try their best not to let it happen. Do you know how many times a day they get that call saying they were shorted just to get more? Lots of times.

You can't expect them to leave the 5 year old with the flu waiting another 30 minutes so they can break away and count the pills to compare to what the system says. you got 30 of them so start with those and tell them to just call you back after they are able to figure it out. So when they get an extra minute they can do it and call you back even if its as late as 8 pm. you sound pretty selfish to me.

Wanting them to drop everything to get you your other 30 pills. We're ALL God's children, not just the perfect ones who never make mistakes.


do you really think they CARE if you call the police? get a clue


yes the manager cared,and called to apologized


thank you,for your comment,god love you so do i



i got just what i expected from them...that was to make it right...yes we make mistakes and the good people correct them,if they can...i never said we could not make mistakes....this is why we communicate.....for the record i'm a kind loving person with family and friends for over 40 year's


Did this happen on the exact day that it was supposed to be refilled? With controlled substances, you have to wait until the day it is due to be refilled.


It was my first time with this medication