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Employees of Walgreens do not point out the downside of redeeming points at the check out. Also employees don't tell you there are no points if you pick up from the pharmacy and it includes a government paid prescription.

for example you pick up your presecription along with one for an elderly person on medicare. NO POINTS.

Walgreens employees know details about the program and should advise customers when it is not in their best interest to redeem points. Employees should not suggest using points when they know you will loose the points for that day's purchase if you redeem points.

  • customer point program bait
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the only reason for this point system is to get you in the store to spend money more then you would normally spend at walgreens. it really isnt for you to get a great deal!!

sorry you have been misinformed of the purpose of the point system. employees have had hours cut over and over again they have seen fellow employees losing houses, cars ect because of the cuts they are not interested in saving customers money


I agree with your comments. Programs such as these are designed for good PR to benefit Walgreens.

The customer is secondary.

Full disclosure of the program details is on the web site. You have to drill down to find the details. The "good stuff" hits you right off the bat on the home page. Negative stuff is hidden under an inocuouse "detail" link.

Walgreens points program is huge.

Walgreens is promoted the AARP web site. Walgreens is the "preferred" provider for Medicare for the Chicago area my parents live in. Walgreens has massive influence due to its size and buying power.

Retail as a whole is suffering.

Retail employees are loosing jobs not only in Walgreens but all over. Macy, Carsons, Penny have gone to the central kiosk check out and gotten rid of many employees. From floor employees to back room people to Managers ahve been let go. Downsizing in retail has not slowed down, even though the economy is making modest growth moves.

Stores are doing more with less support for bigger profit mangins.

Retail is treading water trying to make a profit. Too bad they dont know the could attract more shoppers and buyers with better service.


So let me get this straight... You already get free prescriptions from the government and you're complaining about not earning points so that you can get your greedy entitled hands on something else for free! GET A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US!!!


Who said it was a free prescription. ANY government program script makes the transaction ineligible for points.

I HAVE A JOB! I was picking up my script along with my parent's script who is on Medicare.



I'm sorry for terrible and very inconvenient experience(s) you have had. It's highly suggested you read the terms and conditions on their Web site which explains everything.

Many customers are not interested or patient enough in listening what we have to say about the program and just want to leave. Some don't even listen to me when I clearly and simply explain it to them, and they end up coming back saying I ripped them off.

There are thousands of items which offer points, and the register doesn't tell us what is giving you points. We also do not have the mental capacity to remember all of deals every week.

I'm serious. The register has no function to tell us you will be earning points for the transaction. Maybe I'm one of the few employees who take it upon myself to warn customers; if they want to redeem their points that they will not earn points for that transaction.

Just please realize that the majority of the customers we face are not interested in listening or waiting to what we have to say.

They just want to use their points and go. I do wish using points was that easy, but it isn't. Most employees probably have embraced the "Why bother if they're not going to listen?" mentality, but it's not my right to judge employees I don't know. You are one of the few gracious and kind customers who are willing to wait and listen, and I respect that.

It pushes me further to keep discussing the rewards program with my customers. Thank you.




read the web site? I had to look hard to find the "details" then read through 5 pages.

All Walgreens rep has to say is "if you use points on this transaction to pay for these items, you will not get any points for today's purchases.

Do you agree to use your points? " Short and it tells a person what will happen.

Instead Walgreens reaps the benefit of positive advertising with its point program and does not share the pitfalls. CVS at least tells you up front.

ALSO the pharmacy hands you prescriptions for Medicare paid items along with private insurance.

They know including Medicare scripts will not let you get points on the TOTAL transaction.

You ask how do they know which is being paid by which type of insurance?

I recently had a test of just such a transaction. The pharmacy teck knew exactly what and who was paying. You may have issue with some of these comments because you are one of the few who do tell customers about the terms and conditions.

MOST Walgreen employees DON'T! I found only one pharmacy teck - at the Chicago IL Montrose store who knew about the "no points on government paid scripts." After my issue with Walgreens I went to three other Walgreen pharmacies, called a fourth and NONE told me about the "government paid -no points" issue after I asked questions.