Saint Paul, Minnesota
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It appears to me, that Walgreens associates are more interested in following policies, than serving customers. Men now have to signal for assistance to purchase razor blades. (Meaning: Ring for assistance, WAIT, 'assuming someone actually shows up', and get them out of the case.) Now, at least at the GRAND AVENUE location in St Paul, MN, they then don't even trust you to put them in your cart with everything else. They hold them at the counter, until you are ready to pay.

I'm not going to work that hard to be their customer. If you are that worried about shoplifting, consider the number of customers like me, that just voted with their feet.


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Most stores are like this. If they allowed you to go to the counter without them holding it and a black customer saw this they would claim racism if the product was held for them. Because of black thieves the procedure is the same for us all.


I, Walgreens employee, do not agree with the lock cases. But for one, you have to be *** T I N G me at the same time.

In communities with higher theft, these items, needs to be locked up.

These items ranges from razor blades, condoms and contraceptives, and even Tide laundry detergents. So unless you want to be paying more for your razors rather pressing a *** little button and waiting for a minute, be my guest.


Hmm...make one crybaby happy, or lose my job (IN THIS ECONOMY!!!111ONE) my not following company policy. Sorry, you aren't worth it.


The razors etc. will come right out.

I just rip the *** right off the shelf. I'm not a thief so I don't have time for the games. There has to be a better way. I come to register with ripped packages all the time.

I suggest everyone do this

Moe importantly; Walgreens "computer" system screws up about 5% of all scripts. This is a HORRIBLE company.


They lock them up for a reason, obviously. They get stolen consistently.

Walgreens doesn't have enough employees on the floor to walk around like other bigger chain stores do, so they need to look up high-zone items.

And why wouldn't employees follow policies?? They follow the policies to keep their job.


After reading the complaints about Walgreen my complaint doesn't seem important. I'll just never go back to Walgreens again.


I'm sorry but let me tell you, at my store in a high class zone we got the razos stolen between 3 minutes of leaving it in there... by the time I request my manager to get the cases we lost over 800 razor blades packages

sorry but is a no.


If the razors are not locked up they would be stolen as fast as they are received. Which means there would be none for you to buy.

Now if they are locked up why would we just unlock and hand to customer so they could steal them.

Common sense says locked items be secured till payed for. Sorry you will have to steal elsewhere.