Aurora, Colorado

My son was in Urgent Care and was written a prescription for Millipred, which is not a covered drug and the prescription specifically said "substitution allowed", however the pharmacy dispensed the brand, stating that they do not currently have the generic in stock and it cost me over $80. The pharmacy did not make an attempt to contact another pharmacy to see if they had a generic.

This is not a good business practive and poor customer service. Not going back to this pharmacy, this prooves how lazy pharm.

techs are at that location (Colorado Foxfield Walgreen's) - not going to make an extra step to satisfy their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Millipred's generic is Prednisolone, not Prednisone. Prednisolone comes as a liquid, and may not have been an appropriate substitute for the dose required.


At the time the prescription was presented to the pharmacy, the pharmacy staff should have informed you they did not have the generic product available. Either its generic, prednisolone, was out of stock or it is only available in the marketplace under Millipred, its brand name.

If you wanted to see if another pharmacy, being another location or a competitor, had the generic, you could have requested the pharmacy to call around.

Another option would have been to call the prescriber informing of the situation. The prescriber could call into the pharmacy an alternative that could be just as effective as the originally prescribed product for the case being treated.


It's not up to Walgreens to see what their competition has in stock--it's up to you. If they do it it is PURELY a favour to you--it's not a necessity.

If you wanted the generic so badly you should have called around. It's not Walgreens being lazy, it's you being lazy.


You could have chosen to go to another pharmacy, when they told you they didn't have the generic.