Today I stopped by the pharmacy at store #4519 and the pharmacist with the initials of HBA was extremely rude. I had put in 1 prescription and I said I wanted to wait.

I was waiting for at least an hour so decided to ask the pharmacist about how much longer for my prescriprion.

Not even checking to see if it was ready, which it was, he started impolitely telling me how he had other prescription to fill, do I think he's suppose to stop what he's doing to help me and so on when I was the only customer in the store waiting. I think the pharmacist is very rude and unprofessional and someone needs to talk to him about that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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While it may not seem obvious because there may not be other customers standing around the counter there may well be one hours worth of prescriptions that are ahead of yours. The other waiters are likely wandering around the store waiting patiently their turn.

The pharmacist probably could have been a little more polite, but the more times you interrupt them the longer the wait is going to be for you and everyone else.

Trust me, they know you are out there and will get you your prescription as quickly and safely as possible.

Also, a pharmacy is not a fast food restaurant. An incorrect sandwich because of a rushed employee is one thing, but an incorrect medication due to a rushed pharmacist can be deadly.


Walgreens is cutting pay and hours. If you have been in your job for 5 years how would you like to go back to making what you made when you first started.

This is walgreens. They shouldn't take it out on the customers but they do.

Domino effect. Poor pay, poor customer service, poor company, lost profits take your business to a small pharmacy and see the difference!!!

Austin, Texas, United States #745687

You need to quit *** you're not the only human being that needs their script filled be considerate and stop being a *** at someone's place of work you adult crybaby

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #745038

Complain to the store manager and contact corporate. They have a website and you can either get their phone number to call or send an email complaint. And, of course take your scripts elsewhere to be filled.

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