Knoxville, Tennessee

Walgreen's employs a very cumbersome policy regarding copyright release for photos made by a professional photographer. The policy is not communicated to consumers when the consumer places their online order, nor is it communicated to the consumer when he/she receives an order confirmation email.

This cumbersome policy, lack of communication, and an unhelpful and poorly trained employee resulted in my inability to pick up my photo order on time. I was informed at the time of attempted pick up that I had to provide Walgreen's a printed copy of a letter from that professional photographer releasing the copyright of the pictures. Walgreen's could not accept an electronic copy of the letter, proof of unrestricted access to the pictures via a website, or the absence of a copyright mark on the pictures as sufficient evidence that the copyright had been released. I had to return to the store on the following day to pick up my pictures.

My Christmas travel plans were delayed because of the Walgreen's policy and unhelpful and poorly trained employees. I no longer shop at Walgreen's. I advise others to avoid shopping at Walgreen's for any services or products. Their photo services are terrible.

The cost to consumers of their prescription drugs is much higher than most other pharmacies.

Consider other options before shopping at Walgreen's.

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Seriously, I've worked as a photo tech and a manager at walgreens for years, Walgreens kiosks and their online site force you to agree to a copyright agreement before you can place any order, its not their fault you couldn't be bothered to read what you were agreeing to. Walgreens, the employee and YOU can face huge fines if the original photographer decides that their copyright was infringed upon.


Walmart's copyright rules

Walgreen's copyright rules

These photographs are the photographers property and it is protected by law.


I love how your experience shows how poorly Walgreens operates. I also love how the price of consumer drugs was added a sentence before you concluded your rant, it really shows that people shouldn't shop at Walgreens based solely on the actions of one store.


It is posted, you just didn't look.