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I called to see if I could get a flu shot and was told yes. I went in and saw a sign telling me to sign in at the computer kiosk.

I did this and sat for nearly a half hour. Shortly after I signed in, a nurse came out of the "Healthcare Clinic" (confusing name because it's so generic) and went elsewhere in the store. She didn't even look at the kiosk screen. When she finally came back 20 minutes later, she again didn't look at the screen.

She just went in her room and did whatever. There were no patients ahead of me. So I waited in the pharmacy line to ask what the deal was. When I finally got up to the desk, I explained what happened, and they told me that the Healthcare Clinic was not part of Walgreens.

Even though it is in the Walgreens, and there's no sign saying that. So the pharmacy tech knocks on the door and rouses the nurse out of her nap or whatever, and she gives me some lame excuse about her system not alerting her, even though she walked right by a screen with my name on it and never even glanced at it. Then she tells me that she has no flu vaccine. I explain that I called and asked.

Well, apparently the pharmacy has vaccine, but since they are separate, I would need to wait in line again and sign in with them and start over.

At this point, I was so pissed, I just left. I will not be going to Walgreens again for anything unless I have absolutely no other options.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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WALGREEN has terrible customer service skills. Employees seem to be the lowest of possible picks.

I believe they take some sort of test to get hired. Must be are you a complete *** (you got the job)


They probably would not have given you the shot anyways since they need parental permission first. So what is the issue?

I mean clearly you are a child. You did not say anything the first time she walked by, nor the second time.

You expect her to read your mind. Clearly you are ten years old.


A) you weren't there so what the *** do you know? B) I didn't know she was the nurse until after the pharmacy tech went and got her since it was my first time there.

C) what does she get paid to do, sit on her *** until someone bangs on her door? If that's the case, why have a computer kiosk to sign in on? I fiollowed the instructions, and she didn't do her job? How is this my fault?

Or maybe you WERE there. Do you work for Walgreens?


well that's rude, sometimes workers need to do things. like i don't know, WORK?


she/he had already signed up for it. IT;s not her job to keep pestering the workers. MY TURN? MY TURN?


you are and *** kid if that's what you do. clearly you are a ten year old child since that's what you do.

if the workers were doing their job the customer would not have been ignored.

Secondly, most people are patient till it's their turn or their name is called. she/he just figured they were busy and they'll get back to her after all the preparation is done.