Chicago, Illinois

I received two texts that my two prescriptions were ready for pickup at the Orland park location on LaGrange Road. I get there eight hours after the texts were sent and the tech says that there's no price and I will have to come back.

He then says that they're ready but he can't sell them because no one had called the insurance. I asked for a manager, he then calls the insurance And I get my medicines after twenty minutes.

The manager was too busy to speak with me so I'm writing it down here. Eighty percent of the time there is some issue at this Walgreens they are totally disorganized and do not seem to improve

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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If there is something wrong 80% of the time why would you continue to do business with them 100% of the time? I personally do not continue to do business with organizations that have repeatedly performed at substandard levels.

Anyway, unfortunately, there are times when insurances go down and will not adjudicate copays. Therefore, pharmacies have no idea what to charge.

Yes, they could just "assume" that it is the same copay as last month, but what if it isn't. Someone could be undercharged (which I am sure no one would raise a fuss about), or they could be overcharged which would be cause for another rant on this blog.


They are cutting employees pay.

The could care less about the customer. they could care less about the employee


First of all it's "they COULDN'T care less", not "COULD" less. That makes no sense and anyway, you're quite obviously an *** based on your grammar alone. :roll