Hurst, Texas

I called my humalog insulin script in for a refill about4 oclock. They said I had no refills and they would e -fax my dr. I said it may be faster for me to call the dr.for a refill. I called my dr and left msg I need insulinrefill today. The dr office called me at 6pm and called the dr at home to call pharmacy. The nurse told me to call pharmacy at 7 to pick up insulin. I gave them plenty oftime and called at 9:30pm. They said dr never called oror faxed. I had them double check and tech came back andask for dob..Then said oh you have two refills available.I dont' know why you were told you had no refills.My blood sugar spiked to over 400 because I missed myshot and the insulin was available to me for over 5 hours.I told tech I was on way to ER to get an emergencyscript and shot. She said oh sorry about that.I will be changing pharmacy's first thing tomorrow.After I talk to store manager and call corporate office.Absolutely pathetic excuse for pharmacy..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Agree! For something so serious you wait not only until your out but until 4oclock when md offices are closing!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #707958

Why on God's green earth did you wait until you were out to ask for a refill? When it comes to life saving meds you have to plan ahead.

It isn't Walgreen's fault that your blood sugar got so high. Plan ahead!

to anonymous Fair Oaks, California, United States #745731

So when pain med patients "plan ahead", they're *** drug seeking addicts, but when an insulin patient comes in when they're out they're responsible because they should have made it much easier for the pharmacy to do their jobs? I think this is known as "having it both ways".

I agree with you on this one, at least partially - the patient is responsible for asking for the meds in a timely fashion. Even then , though, Walgreens got it wrong - she HAD a refill, they just couldn't find it.

I find it strange that the pharmacies seem to have people on this website willing to say anything to justify their poor customer service. And they all seem to think that pain patients are *** who should just 'suck it up" rather than taking their prescribed medications.

So which is it - should we plan ahead and get our prescriptions early, or wait till we're out and risk y'all taking a week to fill something? Walgreen's policy now states it may take up to 5 DAYS to fill a script, BTW, according to the sign in my local store...

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