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On 10/09/2011,I had a prescription refilled from Walgreens and was charged $23.97.On the previous 2 refills dated 01/11/2011and 04/21/2011 I was charged $14.89 for the same prescription.I asked the Pharmacy to check on this and they said that was the price.I called the Corp Customer Service Dept. on 10/10/2011They took the information and said they would look into this.

They gave me a case # 3340196. As of this date I have not heard back from them.Could you please look into this and get back to me.

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@Diva, truth be told, it really freaked me out... Letter just appears out of the blue one day with a huge apology and a 3 dollar check.


@Hmm :grin I like your 3 dollar payment return story. That just made my day.


At least they are very dedicated to their work. Now THAT's good customer service!


Do you complain at the gas station when prices go up? No?

Then why on earth would you complain when drug prices increase? It is perfectly normal for prices to increase.


If you have insurance try calling them.


Walgreens had a price increase...what's the big deal? It happens all the time.

Guess he thinks he should get the lower price for the life of his prescription. *** much?


@ Freaking Genius *** ck you tw at!


Reminds me of awhile back when my Insurance Company realized that I was overpaying for my medication for an entire year, they sent a letter in the mail with the names of the medications, along with the amounts... it all totaled up to three dollars.

I didn't end up cashing it... maybe thats wrong but I thought I'd might as well let them keep it for all their effort to figure this out for me.


This is not Walgreens website. This is a forum to post complaints. If you want assistance you have to have the common sense to contact them directly.