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I have been on 2mg of xanax for over 10 years with no problems getting it filled. I changed pharmacy because a new store opened up that was closer to home.

The second month I went to pick it up and the pharmacist Shawn Adkins was so loud and mean to me infront of several other people standing in line. He refused to fill it for no reason. He cancelled my prescription along with my refills without talking to my doctor first. My doctor wrote another Rx and I moved my business back to my old pharmacy.

Management did nothing about this.

I did file a complaint with HIPPA about walgreens disrespect for privacy. More people need to stand up for their rights!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: incompatint pharmacist.

Preferred solution: An apology from Shawn Adkins.

Walgreens Cons: Pharmacist was rude.

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