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• When I arrived I entered my information as a walk-in.

• It indicated that I was 4th in line.

• I waited 45 minutes.

• After I came in, a woman and her daughter arrived also as a walk-in.

• After 45 minutes a woman came out an called my name. I went in to the room and she advise me that there would be another 45 minute wait. She suggested that I get my shot from the pharmacy.

• I was annoyed. But I went to the pharmacy to get my shot. There was another delay.

• In the meantime, the woman and her daughter were accepted for sevice by the clinic.

• I was annoyed and complained to Walgreens staff.

• I was reasonably served to obtain my flu shot, but I had needlessly spent an h6ur of my precious holiday weekend.

• I wanted to, and still want to, complain about this incident.

• I have found that it is impossible to complain.

My family will no longer be getting our flu shots at Walgreens.

Greg Freerksen

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I just want an apology. .

Walgreens Cons: Walgreen medical clinic, Medical clinic, Customer service.

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It was the Walgreens staff holiday weekend as well and they had to work and deal with irate customers and just awful people too. Seems like the lady was trying to help you by advising you to go to the pharmacy for quicker service.

While you were waiting in the waiting room, she was probably in the treatment room with other patients and had no idea or control of you walking in and sitting down in the waiting room waiting for her. Did you even make an appointment? Or we're you a random walk in? If you were a walk in then you HAVE TO WAIT until they can squeeze you in because the day might be jammed packed with appointments.

Don't go to another place of business and bother them on your previous holiday then. Go away.

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