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My 79 year old sister brought a universe remote from walgreen 111st in chicago less than thirty day ago but misplace the receipt . Took the remote back just for exchange was told after thirty days without a receipt she could not exchange, after asking a few question she was told they would give her another but she woould have to come back on Saturday.

Then the question was ask can she take it to another Walgreen. The answer was no because she had no proof.

What is this all about . We need a answer.

A concern sister and senior citzen

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i'm a former walgreens employee. the stores in my district will not do EXCHANGES without a receipt because the product could be from another store, therefore it could be stolen (not saying you would steal, but this is the company's way of thinking).

some managers will ask when the product was purchased, and can do a check of the cameras to tell if your telling the truth so that you can do your exchange, but this is something you need to request, and truthfully it's quite the hassel on both parts. a return is possible without a receipt, but only for store credit.


I find it funny that you insist on making references to your sister's age '79 year old sister' and 'senior citizen'. Age has nothing to do with your service, and you shouldn't expect special treatment from staff when shopping with her.

That'd called AGEISM.

They had every right to refuse your request because you didn't have a receipt, and that's your problem. Returning/exchanging items without receipts is a courtesy that stores extend to customers, it is not a policy and not mandatory for the staff to comply with.


@ gaprizelle your a rude *** who has no life . Shut the *** up and get out of here before you get shot dumb *** ,)


Nice comments *** The uninformed strike again. There are dozens of major retailers who accept returns without receipts.

They usually limit the number of returns a year and give small amounts of cash or a in-store credit card for returns over $25. Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Home Depot, Lowe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Pier 1, There's a few off the top of my head.

I guess your problem is none of you are smart enough to interact with a live customer service rep so you assume it can't be done. Why don't you go outside for a few minutes and learn about the real world


Is this the first time u guys are shopping or doing returns in ur life!!!!!! Anywhere u go, u require a receipt to do returns or exchanges......kind of a universal law.

Walgreens is doing u a favor by believing you. :)


Truthfully, she was lucky that the first location believed her without a receipt. If she went to another Walgreens store (where nobody would recognize her as a returning customer), then I'm not sure if the manager would even exchange the remote for anything except maybe credit on a Walgreens gift card.