Ponte Vedra, Florida
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Working as a secret shopper the pharmacy has multiple violations there lack of professionalism and ignorance of what's going on around them like clockwork after treating customers with arrogance and disrespect unknowing to them have been recorded on video and audio using profanity ,racist remarks and customers personal information as insider jokes to pass the time.there negative impact on the store is why Walgreens no tolerance policy will be taking more seriously by making examples of the ponte vedra,fl Walgreen pharmacy staff.Walgreens will not tolerate this type of behavior the employees have been warned on multiple occasions and due to the many complaints were the cause of this investigation.video and audio will be posted soon.

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I have had the same problems with the pharmacist and the drive thru they are rude ,condescending and unprofessional I hope Walgreens will actually do something about it the managers never take care of the problems beside the usual cheap apology.