Saint Louis, Missouri
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I ordered my wife's Christmas gift on on 12/19th. They guaranteed the delivery by the 24th. I called their customer service on the 23 and then on the 24th to make sure the item will be delivered as promised. On the 24th, i was even told that if it's not delivered on time, i will be given a full refund ($32.00.)

I even called UPS at the last minute only to find out that it won't be delivered until the 27th. I was without a gift for my wife on Christmas. You all can imagine how it went.

I e-mailed their customer service and i was told it's not their fault that UPS didn't deliver the item on time. Even though they acknowledged that they promised the delivery by the 24th, they don't want to take any responsibility for not being delivered on time. They didn't even care that one of their agents promised me full refund if not delivered on time. They offered me a refund of $5.00. It's pathetic that Walgreens' guarantee worth only 5 bucks, and their agents promise means NOTHING. This is my first time ordering on and this will be my last. I'm planning to pursue this by further by writing to their corporate office.

My wife and i are so pissed that we will never shop (online or store) at Walgreens ever again. I encourage all to be very careful when dealing with them as they don't care about their customers at all.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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