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Every month I have to take my Mother to the doctor to get an RX for

Morphine Sulfate. Then when you go to fill the prescription you are

harassed and treated like a criminal. They refer to the medicine as narcotics for everyone in the store to hear, they ask why she is on the medication. Most of these girls at the register are only clerks not doctors or pharmacist. It's not their business to ask these question!! If a license certified doctor write the RX on a valid script, it should be filled, period. I have proof that Walgreens text that the RX was ready for pickup, when I get to Walgreens give them my driver license and card all of the sudden another person(says she is the pharmacist) come to the window and raises her voice very loud " I told you there is a 24 hour waiting period" Real professional, huh? I have never seen this woman before. Why is there a 24 hour waiting period??. So now it takes 3 trips to get her medications, 1 trip to the doctor, 1 trip to the pharmacy, and back 24 hours later. This is completely insane! I work and I'm my mom's caregiver, in addition I have a chronic illness which requires monthly lab work and doctor visit. I can't *** work every month to fill my mom's scripts. I believe Walgreens should be shut down for their lack of common sense, professionalism and common decency.

Judy Q. Love

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Cons: Disrespectful pharmacy department, Pharmacist was rude, Wait time and pharmacy staff.

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Actually according to Florida law it IS the pharmacists business to ask those questions.

Similarly, state law requires pharmacists performing their duties to exercise professional judgment in the best interest of patients’ health. Before honoring prescriptions, they are required to take reasonable steps to determine whether a prescription has been issued in compliance with state law.

A pharmacist can refuse to fill a prescription if professional judgment suggests filling it would be contrary to law, be against the best interest of the patient, aid or abet an addiction or habit, or be contrary to the health and safety of the patient.

So good luck finding a legal pharmacy who will just fill a prescription, period. CVS will do the exact same thing.