Florence, Kentucky

I have been experiencing decreased libido problems and my doctor prescribed me Testim which is for men but is affective and use differently for women with this problem. Walgreen's questioned this and was not going to fill it because they did not agree with my Doctor.

They can tell me the risk if they want but if I choose to use this medicine or any other medicine that my doctor prescribed that is between us.

Walgreen's even wanted to know why I wanted this medicine and to be honest they are breaking HIPPA law. This Walgreen's is in Corydon, IN

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seriously , no they would only be sued if they dispensed the wrong medication, wrong dosage, or drug interaction with other drugs walgreens was aware she was taking! Her doctor would be the one held liable not the pharmacy, the pharmacy should never question the customer about a script especially it being a personal matter.

They could however call the doctor to verify the medication is correct and dosage is correct.

If after doctors hours since it was not a life saving medication they could have told the customer they needed the doctor to verify the script and they would call her when the script was ready or give her a time frame it would be ready. So get your facts straight some of us "doctors" know the rules and that's why we pay big bucks for malpractice insurance


wrong. the pharmacist has the right to deny any prescription they do not "agree" with. crazy, yet absolutely true!


You do realize that if the pharmacy were to give you a drug that caused a bad reaction, its on them. They have to watch out for lawsuits along with handing out meds.

You maybe mad about them not wanting to fill it but if it shut down your kidneys for example you would be calling a lawyer and sewing them for giving you the meds. Its a catch 22