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I had similur experiance. I have a script for hydrocodone seven.five which I take regularly.

I had to go to ER for diverticitlus and was given a script for hydrodone five the pharm a ist said I couldnt have both, even I had told the ER doc said it was OK. The rude pharmisest called the hospital pharmacy and said cancel the order without talking to the prescribing Dr.. Then tore up my script in front of me with a smirk....needless to say I was hoping mad.

I will def be taking my scripts to a different pharmacy. This was not to first time I have had a problem with this *** pharmacy....GRRRRRRRnabige

Reason of review: bad pharmacy practices.

Preferred solution: fire the pharmesist...RUDE !!!!!!!!.

Walgreens Cons: Rude pharmacist.

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Telling a person no is not the same as being rude.


The pharmacist is right. You can not have two different scripts for hydrocodone with two different dosages active at the same time without very extremely verifiable circumstances. Regardless of what your doctor says, your pharmacist has the last word.

What the ER doc should have done, if you told him you already have a hydro script, is written it for the 7.5, and you just take wheat you already have and use the other script to replace what you take.


I did tell the doctor about my Vicodin 7.5 and he gave me a script for a lower doseage because I would run out of my regular 7.5. My doctor was doing the right thing as I would have run out of my 7.5 before my insurance would allow me to have my normal script for 7.5.

I am sorry but there is no excuse for the pharmacist to have been so rude. This Walgreens here is nortoriously BAD for the service and staff.


I have been taking norco 10 for years. New insurance made me go to one of their pharmacies.

First 2 months was no problem. Now they won't fill it because of their policies. Who in the *** do they think they are to think my dr is wrong and they are right.

Going back to my old rx and just pay the extra 20 and not ever go to them again. WALGREEN SUCKS


Because, Norco is not a maintenance drug. You should not have been taking it for 10 years.

Your old pharmacy may have filled it for you simply because they were familiar with you and never questioned it.

ANY new pharmacy WILL question it. Treat your new pharmacy like you would any new doctor you see. Take your medical history, or sign a release, so that the new pharmacy can see that you have a legitimate need to continue to take the medication.

It is a pharmacist legal right, and duty, to question ANY script for ANY reason.

It is also their right to REFUSE to fill it.

If you want them to fill your script, work with them, not against them. Otherwise, you may find yourself blacklisted and no pharmacy will fill for you.


Dear LadyScott, are you a phamacist? I am a asumming you are and do not have any compassion for the people that are trying to get their legitiment prescriptions filled.

Doctors have the right to wtite them and the pharmacy has the duty to fill them!!! My doctor knows my conditions as the pharmacy does not, so therefore my doctor has the say so.


Lol I was thinking the same thing.


I am not a pharmacist no, I am a pharmacy tech, who knows the law and stays up on it. In fact, in my job, where a mistake or oversight can put me or the pharmacist in prison, we take the law very seriously.

Either you follow my advice and have a smooth experience, or you ignore it and treat your pharmacy like ***.

One will get you taken care of, the other will get you banned. It is always your choice.