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Walgreen's went from being the best in film processing to being the worst!

I used to always process my film there, even though it was kinda exspensive it was no problem. But now it's even more expensive, takes longer, the quality is worse and I don't get my negatives back. Instead, I just get a *** CD. I don't even have a CD slot on my computer so it's utterly useless...


I don't even want to go pick up my other roll that FINALLY came in after a month unless it's free but I know it's going to be $12! I'm not made of money.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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what the heck, I still get negs back and no CD unless I order it. Film is processed instore, why u have yours sent offsite, some kinda crazy film not 35mm?


Are you sure you don't have a place for CD's? I've not ever seen a computer these days that didn't have one.

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