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I have been filling a prescription for a controlled substance through a Walgreens pharmacy for six months now. Each month the prescription has been filled 3-7 days early with no problem whatsoever.

Prior to this, the prescription had been filled at a CVS pharmacy for years. I changed pharmacies only because I moved. I have had the same doctor prescribing this for about five years now. I have never had a problem filling this prescription before this month.

I called Walgreens to have my prescription filled five days early. My insurance company already cleared that it would be covered. The pharmacy tech put it through and said it would be ready in about an hour. Two hours later I called the pharmacy as I still had not received a text message saying that it was ready.

I was then informed by the pharmacy tech that it could not be filled yet because it was five days too soon. I was told in order to have it filled sooner, my doctor's office would need to call and release the prescription early. I had my doctor's office call Walgreens to do so. Walgreens then sends my refill history and asks them if they were aware that I have been filling early.

My doctors office still wanted the prescription released and suggested that I have it filled weekly instead of monthly then. The pharmacist states that this would be inconvenient to me WITHOUT CONSULTING ME. It is four days early and I have yet to have my prescription filled. Today I called the Walgreens pharmacy to ask that the prescription be filled tomorrow on the 30th day.

I explained my confusion and frustration regarding that inconsistency and she hung up on me. I was not expletive or yelling. After this I finally called the corporate Walgreens office and filed a formal complaint. My complaint was documented and I was assured someone will call me back within two business days.

Why is this a problem? Because this "controlled substance" is a medication I cannot just be off of for 5 days and not have consequences. This controlled substance comes with a dependence on the medication which does not make me a criminal of a druggie. This is a prescription from a reputable doctor that I need.

I don't feel that Walgreens should have exhibited this type of control over medication out of the blue. If it was fine for the past six months to fill early, why isn't it now? I should have been told that filling early was an "exception" they were making.

Because of their inconsistency I have been hospitalized for withdrawal side effects and have missed work. This is unacceptable.

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You wrote: Because this "controlled substance" is a medication I cannot just be off of for 5 days and not have consequences

If you're refilling early, then you won't be off of the meds. If you're running out before it's scheduled to be refilled, then you're abusing the medication.


Amen to that reply, Jim. People just don't realize how these things work.


How blithe and clueless both of you are. "If you had taken them as prescribed, you would have enough," which is a child's simple arithmetical analysis.

My MD knows what I take and when, and sometimes, with his knowledge and permission, I take more than the dose written on the original RX. I shouldn't have to explain this to some pill-dispenser with no medical training; I certainly detest the preposterous sums these legal drug dealers receive in salary simply because they've managed to intrude on the MD/patient relationship b/c physicians couldn't care less about their "concerns" and so they've managed to worm their way through phony credentials into the vast sums poured in to Big Pharma by consumers. My MD doesn't return pharmacist's calls, by the way, because they're a waste of his time. Now I find myself deliberately skipping medications that -- and let's be absolutely clear about this -- I don't want to take, but have to do so.

That way, I avoid the disastrous consequences that would follow a few days of abstinence.

So your "people just don't understand how these things work" is, frankly, ***, ignorant, and wrong.


Then your doctor is at fault for not giving you a script with a new dosage on it. A note saying he told you to take more is not sufficient.


See below. You're a simplistic fool, D.Pharm. Jim.


People just don't understand!!! The same thing happened to me today at Walgreens.

I have never had a problem refilling a few days early in the past, and was actually advised my state law says 25 days after a 30 day supply is ok.

Does my pharmacist or any of the ignortant commentors think I enjoy having to take medication every day? It is not fun being a slave to medication. No, I'm not a "druggie" and the Rx i take daily is NOT a pain medication.

It's just sad that a 20 year old girl can tell me it's ok for me to go without meds for 2-3 days!

They are playing God! Now, I just have to wait and pray I don't have a seizure from the abrubt stop.


My sister went to a Walgreens at Townsend Rd to fill her prescriptions, she has scrolisis so bad her back has broke in one place and two verbrae are crushed, she was filling her prescriptions 3 days late because she hasn't been able to get up to go get them filled. They told her it would be 72 hrs before they could even fill them.

well they denied them and told her to come pick them up, she was pegged as a drug abuser!!!! She didn't fit the Walgreens profile!!!! She is now in withdraws from 4 medications!!!!! And Walgreens doesn't care and because they are specialized medications no one else carries those in the doses she requires at one time and you can't get a partial dose.

The pharmacist told her doctor she was being rude!!! Now wouldn't have started being rude to if your meds weren't going to be filled? I went up there and they told me a totally different story that she didn't fit there profile and the pharmacist had taken down her picture and license from the wall of Walgreens because a man the previous day took a picture of it because she did the same thing to him too!!! They are doing it to everyone I confronted her with a copy of there new 4 page checklist and she got mad and wanted to know were I got it from it was an internal document, I said it was all over the internet because Walgreens was being investigated by several news stations across the country!!!!

What they were doing was practicing medicine with out a license for changing peoples prescriptions when they weren't doctors and denying medical treatment that was prescribed by a doctor!!!! My opinion and the opinion of doctors on the internet!!!!


Exactly! Agreed 100% if a doctor prescribed 3 a day, 90 pills, this person should have a stockpile!

If not, regardless of their pain situation, this may be an issue in which may be valid and the patient not being medicated properly if the need is evident 5 days prior. Not necessarily a drug seeker.


Ur an ***