I have been filling a prescription for a controlled substance through a Walgreens pharmacy for six months now. Each month the prescription has been filled 3-7 days early with no problem whatsoever.

Prior to this, the prescription had been filled at a CVS pharmacy for years. I changed pharmacies only because I moved. I have had the same doctor prescribing this for about five years now. I have never had a problem filling this prescription before this month.

I called Walgreens to have my prescription filled five days early. My insurance company already cleared that it would be covered. The pharmacy tech put it through and said it would be ready in about an hour. Two hours later I called the pharmacy as I still had not received a text message saying that it was ready.

I was then informed by the pharmacy tech that it could not be filled yet because it was five days too soon. I was told in order to have it filled sooner, my doctor's office would need to call and release the prescription early. I had my doctor's office call Walgreens to do so. Walgreens then sends my refill history and asks them if they were aware that I have been filling early.

My doctors office still wanted the prescription released and suggested that I have it filled weekly instead of monthly then. The pharmacist states that this would be inconvenient to me WITHOUT CONSULTING ME. It is four days early and I have yet to have my prescription filled. Today I called the Walgreens pharmacy to ask that the prescription be filled tomorrow on the 30th day.

I explained my confusion and frustration regarding that inconsistency and she hung up on me. I was not expletive or yelling. After this I finally called the corporate Walgreens office and filed a formal complaint. My complaint was documented and I was assured someone will call me back within two business days.

Why is this a problem? Because this "controlled substance" is a medication I cannot just be off of for 5 days and not have consequences. This controlled substance comes with a dependence on the medication which does not make me a criminal of a druggie. This is a prescription from a reputable doctor that I need.

I don't feel that Walgreens should have exhibited this type of control over medication out of the blue. If it was fine for the past six months to fill early, why isn't it now? I should have been told that filling early was an "exception" they were making.

Because of their inconsistency I have been hospitalized for withdrawal side effects and have missed work. This is unacceptable.

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to MS #1471523

Ok why not fill if you picked up March 28 then go April 28th and won't do it? Pharm says he is going by time before and ignoring last fill. Wtf?

to Anonymous #1399645

I trave for work and often need to fill mine early. Some people are dependent upon family/friends to pick up prescriptions and it needs to be picked up early to accommodate their schedule. There are multiple reasons why meds would need to be picked up early that in no way means they are being taken inappropriately

to Anonymous #1444037

How about perhaps you can’t get to the store on the exact day. Maybe you don’t drive. What a jerk

to Anonymous #1482087

There are many reasons to fill early. Mine is that I have 80 year old parents and drive 525 miles every 3-4 weeks to care for them. While I can have the Rx filled in their state it is a much bigger deal than getting my meds filled 2-3 days early at my own pharmacy.


In going to Walgreens to fill my six medications they only filled five of my medications one of those is a narcotic that they did fill now the other one they keep giving me excuses that they cannot fill it. Same medications they've been feeling prior to this.

Now this medication being a controlled substance I cannot take it to any other Pharmacy in the state of Florida because you cannot fill a narcotic medication without a non-narcotic medication being filled with it. And now since they filled five of my 6 medications I can't take that prescription to any other Pharmacy. It's been 3 weeks without this medication I've been hospitalized because of dehydration and other major issues. I'm at the point where I do not want to live in such pain anymore and I can see why people would commit suicide because of being off these medications an do not want to live in such Agony anymore.

"A pharmacist oath".

"I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns"to turn down a chronic pain patient with a legitimate opiate prescription and most likely to throw that patient into withdrawal would have meant that you were violating your ethics and your oath. Or did you have your fingers crossed when you took that oath maybe you decided to exchange your ethics for a paycheck

to Mbs4221970 #1383888

That is ridiculous, of course you can have only a single narcotic script filled. I do so every month.

Rock Falls, Illinois, United States #1317227

I have been going through the same problem. I've had the same prescription for years with no problem.

It had been over a week now and started having minor seizures from the abrupt discontinuation of the medicine. I had just seen my family physician the week before.

I would hope a medical Dr. who I've seen for 15 years would know more about me than a pharmacist that I have never met.

to Brian Naples, Florida, United States #1318106

The pharmacist does not need to know you. The pharmacist needs to know the drugs he is dispensing.

If you are speaking of a control or narcotic, then the pharmacist is required, by federal law, to be more vigilant on making sure these drugs are not being frivolously prescribed. It does not matter how long you have been taking it, or why. The pharmacist is facing the jail time, fine, and loss of his license if he does not follow the law. If the pharmacist needs to verify the script, then he needs to verify the script.

Are you using a new pharmacy? Normally, if you have been taking the same drug for years, (unless it is vicodin, which has recently been changed to a narcotic with stricter regulations) at the same pharmacy, you shouldn't have an issue.

Unless, again, your doctor is under investigation. So, what is the drug in question?

to LadyScot #1318196

I'm pretty sure that's none of your concern. You seem to have no sympathy for the people trying to get the meds THEY need and this 'pharmacy' is withholding much-needed meds. I have to ask: do you WORK for Walgreens or something?

to AnonMouse #1431360

You are correct in the pharmacy can fill a signal schedule drug prescription. I am in the Pharmaceutical Industry and found after being in a serious car accident that the Independent Pharmacies are telling customers that they cannot fill only a schedule drug prescription which is probably the case with the post of 6 prescription only 5 filled and the controlled drug prescription case.

You seem very knowledable and wanted to inform you of this new tactic to increase sells in the smaller pharmacies. I would tell the Pharmacist that the Laws of dispensing do not make it were you have to fill non-narcotic with narcotic in order to fill the narcotics. It never did any good because most of the time it was in fact the ordering criteria not the dispensing law that would also affect whether or not the pharmacy could fill the Narcotics.

It they are already ordering their Max in a certain schedule they also have to be purchasing a certain amount of non-narcotics and the only way to have their limits raised by the wholesalers is to meet the wholesalers ratio of non control and controls. Hope this helps when giving advice..

to LadyScot #1415514

Guess what? That’s not the pharmacists decision to make!

They aren’t God! So they should do their job better. End of discussion.

Doc writes a script and they fill it the pharmacy won’t get in trouble. Yet everyone is worried about themselves and has no compassion anymore.

to LadyScot #1417000

You are not a pharmacist, but may know one. Yes, the pharmacist should know about the patient, are they behaving in 'drug seaching behavior ' or displaying what looks like the person is already extremely medicated?

And in Florida, if the Dr. is under investigation or being watched even, the pharmacy will tell the pt.

'We do not fill prescriptions by this Dr. '!

The pharmacy should do their job otherwise & serve the punlic!


to Brenda to Lady Scott #1422420

You do know that drug seeking behavior is the exact same behavior people in chronic extreme pain exhibit which is why the doctor needs to know that patient well. The pharmacist doesn’t even say hello to patients but has more control than the doctor hum.

Now I agree many are seeking drugs but most just don’t want to be in pain because when it’s stopped ubruptly your pain triples and your dealing with withdraw symptoms which can be deadly. When your in a lot of pain and aren’t given enough to ease the pain just enough to make you dependent that’s when you see those behavioral displays because people who’s pain is controlled don’t behave that way and usually don’t over take. It’s not our fault other people sell the medications and most of those people are not on a pain management schedule it’s the people who get one for this minor thing or that minor thing. I had my gallbladder out in 1997 and I took ibuprofen and was fine with that now they give necrotic and that’s not necessary.

My husband got Vicodin for his tooth being pulled! This is where the problem stems from not from people like us in chronic pain. We don’t give anyone our medication because we need it.

It’s those that don’t need it that sell it. Go back to giving ibuprofen first and stop messing with our lives.

to Brenda to Lady Scott #1444039

They do not have an MD behind their name. They are not the sayers if who gets what. I thought that was a doctors decision

Aurora, Illinois, United States #1306470

Just literally had the same experience last night. Walgreens = they don't care 1 bit.

Just had a 7 level back fusion and been out now for 4 days waiting for the doctor to call the pharmacy. Such ***.

to Mike Naples, Florida, United States #1318108

And? Have your doctor contact the pharmacy.

You want to blame the pharmacy for your doctor's negligence. A level 7 back fusion would have surgical paperwork to go with it that you could take to the pharmacy for your narcotic prescription, which would help cut the FEDERAL red tape.

to LadyScot #1384332

Sorry, but my husband just had shoulder surgery and his medical records were not available for over 2 weeks. Hmmmmm, so let's get this straight a patient in pain with a legitimate prescription for pain medication should be basically "harrassed" by Walgreens Pharmacy.....which I hear has been around for quite a while now......should have to wait in pain because the pharmacist working for said pharmacy is "scared" to fill a legitimate prescription for pain after a major medical procedure?

Wow, how in any possible way can you excuse this kind of behavior from so called "medical professionals"? If you cannot stomach the healthcare industry and keep your sworn oath to treat patients, then please do not work within any facet of it.

to Jenn #1412740

Because they aren’t “medical professionals”. They are frustrated people who studied pharmacology bc it promised easy employment at attractive salaries which required the skill set of a cashier who can count and apply stickers to bottles.

The space they occupy is one of contempt for their own choices and they like anyone discontented in life will desperately grasp at any opportunity to make themselves feel important,necessary,in control or demonstrate that their job matters when CLEARLY it does not. When the “pill mills” were in full swing where were these Concerned Pharmacists? They were more than happy to take in as much money as possible funding the lobbying groups which are the only reason the “professions” even exists and by profession I mean paying someone to verify that the machine which filled the prescription counted correctly (which it always does unlike the human counterpart) and then the every important task of afixing a sticker to the bottle. EVERYONE has seen the same high school kid working the counter do the exact same thing, it’s not a position that should exist and if we’re being honest part of the cost in our healthcare system is directly tied to the Pharma lobby which ensures they get paid to count and play with stickers instead of allowing patients the ability to cut out all the waste and redundancy in the system by incorporating automation completely as well as creating another cost multiplier insurers use to increase profits.

Don’t worry these same cashiers in white coats will be back in the job market in the coming years as the market prices or their redundancy and they are no longer able to bribe their professions into relevancy. They are jerks bc they can be and it really is as simple as that, give a person like that the smallest amount of control and that is what you will get bc real achievers and difference makers don’t take the easy path they actually become healthcare professionals they don’t try to act like one on the first of the month.

to LadyScot #1397808

Your condescending, rude tone is quite unappealing.


I too have had the same problem. I resent the fact that Walgreen's treats you like some street junkie when you have legitimate needs and a legitimate script.

I currently need one hip replaced, both knees replaced, surgery for a torn rotator cuff shoulder, back surgery on 4 herneated discs and spinal stenosis. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and intermittent sciatica pain. The doctor said he doesn't know how I am still standing and walking, even with a walker. I have been on Fentynal Pain Patches and as you stated, yes you will have a dependency on the meds.

It can't be helped. I had to wait 5 days to get one refill due to their incompetence, and also wound up in ER with withdrawel symptoms. That was NOT a pleasant situation.

I have since kicked Walgreens to the curb and now use Vons Pharmacy. Much better!

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