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I have been filling a prescription for a controlled substance through a Walgreens pharmacy for six months now. Each month the prescription has been filled 3-7 days early with no problem whatsoever.

Prior to this, the prescription had been filled at a CVS pharmacy for years. I changed pharmacies only because I moved. I have had the same doctor prescribing this for about five years now. I have never had a problem filling this prescription before this month.

I called Walgreens to have my prescription filled five days early. My insurance company already cleared that it would be covered. The pharmacy tech put it through and said it would be ready in about an hour. Two hours later I called the pharmacy as I still had not received a text message saying that it was ready.

I was then informed by the pharmacy tech that it could not be filled yet because it was five days too soon. I was told in order to have it filled sooner, my doctor's office would need to call and release the prescription early. I had my doctor's office call Walgreens to do so. Walgreens then sends my refill history and asks them if they were aware that I have been filling early.

My doctors office still wanted the prescription released and suggested that I have it filled weekly instead of monthly then. The pharmacist states that this would be inconvenient to me WITHOUT CONSULTING ME. It is four days early and I have yet to have my prescription filled. Today I called the Walgreens pharmacy to ask that the prescription be filled tomorrow on the 30th day.

I explained my confusion and frustration regarding that inconsistency and she hung up on me. I was not expletive or yelling. After this I finally called the corporate Walgreens office and filed a formal complaint. My complaint was documented and I was assured someone will call me back within two business days.

Why is this a problem? Because this "controlled substance" is a medication I cannot just be off of for 5 days and not have consequences. This controlled substance comes with a dependence on the medication which does not make me a criminal of a druggie. This is a prescription from a reputable doctor that I need.

I don't feel that Walgreens should have exhibited this type of control over medication out of the blue. If it was fine for the past six months to fill early, why isn't it now? I should have been told that filling early was an "exception" they were making.

Because of their inconsistency I have been hospitalized for withdrawal side effects and have missed work. This is unacceptable.

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If you're taking said controlled medication as written to dispense then you shouldn't run out and need them early. You know the dependency risk and the " cannot be without " risk .. So why are you taking more than you're allotted dosage ?


Ever stop to think so they have it on hand when they DO run out and don't have to run to the pharmacy and have something happen along the way or have a medical emergency? It's called 'logic' honey, something you apparently lack as that is the most simple reason for getting meds early.


I agree, however, we all have busy lives and shouldn't have to rush to the pharmacy a day before a script runs out. We all know how busy they are and the medication will not be ready promptly.

These guys work their *** off and get cussed out on a daily basis for doing their job. It's not their fault; they're just complying with the state regulations and compliance rules by the state or gov't or whoever makes the rules higher up. Yes, inconsistency is a pain in the *** and I hate the fact I can't just drop the damn thing off and pick it up on the day it's ready.

I have a busy schedule and have enough alarms on my phone. It doesn't matter if you go to another pharmacy or not because they're all going to be the same eventually.


I’ve the same problem with Walgreens and controlled substances. I take two for epilepsy.

Walgreens always filled a few days early even 5 or 7. They are special order drugs therefore need to be sure I have them in house on time. For the past 6 months was getting attitude about filling and couldn’t receive them until the 30th day!!! Finally spoke with pharmacy manager told her I was being treated like I was druggie and selling this out on the streets!!!

Was told that I can receive 2 days early. Seems recently every time I go into to order these prescriptions which I’m sure Walgreens is making a good return on, there is an issue.

Thinking about taking my business elsewhere. Would do mail order but don’t like having a stock pile of controlled drugs setting in my house.


I am trying to deal with a similar issue with Walgreens for the 2nd. time in 3yrs.Same physician, same medication.NOT opiates.

Yet, they are "controlled substances"I am a MI/Coma survivor and these certain medications help me on a daily basis, and have since 2010. Now the FL prescription laws have changed as of 7/1/2018 and my physician is licensed to prescribe these medications in accordance with Floridas new regulations. Why does Walgreens think they're allowed to make their own laws. Is it because they were fined over 80million for filling illegal Rx's??

They are causing long time loyal customers undue stress and therefore, undue PAIN! This is so WRONG!


I agree with this person. I went into a walgreen yesterday to be told I could not get my prescription until the 31st day.

I don't think getting my prescription on the 30th day is inappropriate.

It was the inconsistency that bothered me. I know the pharmacist can fill it early if they want to and filling it on the 30th day is not early.

@Stephen LaRue

Walgreens told me go by PICKUP DATE. So when I waited my 30 days to refill and did not pick up prescription till 2 days later they pushed my refill date to 32 days.

They are WRONG. Even though is a controlled substance it is for every 30 days. Said what if out of town or cannot pickup. Too bad.

Still go by Pickup Date! Never heard of such.

@Stephen LaRue

I totally agree, i’ve Had the same experience at Walgreens. And I’ve had to wait til the day I need the med 31st day.

Then after I’m four hours late on my normal dose time, I’ve actually gone to pharmacy to pick up med and be told that there was a schedule conflict and my script that was dropped off a week ago I can’t get cause there’s no pharmacist present! Then spend half the day trying to get a new script sent to another pharmacy!!


Why do you consistently need your meds filled 5 days early to avoid going through withdrawal? That's the real question.


It's called 'having them on hand'-some medicines you're not supposed to stop unless the doctor says so


That's just an excuse. If you take them as directed then you will not run out and you will not need them early and guess what ?? You will not have what sounds like " stress " over running out and needing them early .


The only 'excuse' here is the crap you're posting. You do not understand anything about meds.


Your the problem


So then this person should have some “on hand” since they’ve been filling their prescription early for a while. Just saying.


To absolutely avoid withdrawal. If you take medicine like oxycodone or hydrocodone for any length of time you are addicted and you have to titrate off.

In all probability the doctor understands that the patient is taking more some days and tacitly approves. Pharmacists can fill prescriptions early.

I have been told repeatedly that I can get a prescriptions on the 28th day more than once. It's the inconsistency that really bothers me.

@Stephen LaRue

I totally agree! I take 5 prescriptions and in my history it shows that I have refilled my BP meds, Cholesterol and Diabetes meds early by 4-5 days each month (which was prompted by the Walgreens text message refill system!).

So why those and not my Patch (Fentanyl 25)? Because I can’t misuse my others? Well maybe it’s because I live farther away than I work from Walgreens?!?! It’s just easier to get them all together on a Friday and then go home for the weekend.

So it’s not even that they have a policy against ALL early refills- they only get crazy about the narcotics. That my dear people is what we call inconsistency. And goodness don’t try and explain why you want the refill because then you aren’t explaining you are a drug addled crazy person who’s looking for the next fix!

I’m not an addict- I’m just too lazy to drive 30 minutes on my weekend off to get a refill one or two days later. No addicts I’ve ever heard of would be too lazy to get drugs.


Elle77 that's the crap that people are talking about. I hope you suffer from chronic pain some day and your pharmacist look at you sideways every time to hobble through the door.


I am sick of being looked at like a monster as well. I am on Suboxone and have steadily reduced from 16mg/day to 2mg/ day, but I still treated like a junkie.


Because in their eyes filling a prescription 5 days early every month would supply the patient with an entire extra month of medication after just 9 months or so.


I just encountered this. Mind you, they were 5 days late the previous month, but on my most recent script, they refused to release my meds 3 days earlier than the refill date.

I pressed it because i was leaving town and they let me have it "THIS TIME ONLY" (the pharmacist stressed to me)I have been on this med for years!

Suddenly, i can't be trusted to have them early(?). They are notorious for being out or not having enough , now I'm catching on....