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Went to pick my Somas up that I have been taking for years and the pharmacist tells me this will be the last time she will be able to fill that rx because I am taking other medication. That it has been said that taking that medication along with my pain medication and my anxiety medication has been proven that the Somas doesn't work after 6 months.

Never heard of such of thing and like I said I have been taking these three medications for years, not all at once but when needed.

So she wanted to warn me to get another rx before my next refill or she can call the Dr herself and close out that medication. I believe that your doctor knows what best for you, not the pharmacists.

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Actually the Dr. Is out to make money off of you before Walgreens is.

If Walgreens didn't care then they would go ahead and fill it for you. The pharmacist doesn't feel comfortable filling a medication that will react with the other.

This means they care and you Dr. doesn't.


the pharmacist knows best when it comes to meds. that is what they went to school for.

pharmacist also go to classes throughout the year in order to maintain their license.

a md does not have to go to classes about meds. they usually only take one class about medications in a 7 year program.


I have chronic back pain due to three herniated discs and four pinched nerves. I see a chiropractor, EXERCISE, and take Ibuprofen as needed.


Somamoaner You didn't give much info on what type of anti-anxiety med you were taking. Is it Xanax?

or is it anti-depressant such as prozac which some people use for anxiety attacks (my Wife)I remember when Soma first came out. The next greatest thing in muscle relaxants. Docs where giving it out like candy. That was before they found out that in the majority of people who take Soma it metabolized into something between a benzo and a woop te do.

Lot of people were going to ER's med seeking Soma true story couldn't believe it myself until I took one after straining my back at work a long time ago and barely made it home without crashing into a true.

More info better input. Best thing is talk to your Doc :eek


Ur the only one that talks with some sense. I plan to talk to my Dr.

Lets get one clear, it was never mention the medications I take and how I take them. All the facts r not in to make a verdict.

But one thing is for sure I am definitely not a soma moaner . How u came to that label name is beyond me, but anyway .,,,,


Many long-term therapies involving some controlled medications, soma included, pose a higher risk of overdose or increased tolerance to the medication's effects. This has been studied.

Pharmacists are aware of it. MD's are partially aware of it but if your dr stops prescribing you what you want, you'll take your business elsewhere and maybe write a bad review about him. I'll echo what someone else shared - get off your high horse.

A piece of paper with a signature doesn't entitle you to what that pharmacy has behind their counter. Any monkey could fill a prescription - the reason a "pharmacist" is a thing is to evaluate medication therapies for everyone.


Whatever!!!' Enough with the high horse , ur a joke. U make me laugh.,,everyone needs to attend to their medications and stop trying to be Dr. Phil .,


let me guess....oxycodone 30mg, xanax 2mg and soma 350mg??? most popular drug cocktail out there that has killed more people in overdoses than any other. your pharmacist is just doing their job for your safety (not to mention the safety of their license), especially if there is clinical evidence that the long-term efficacy of Soma in this combination is minimal.


I have had a similiar problem at my Walgreen's in Atlanta. They have made it almost impossible to fill prescriptions for people with cronic pain.

They now will only fill 2 weeks at a time and my doctor has to write 2 scripts. But it doesn't matter, because they NEVER have my medication in stock when I need it!


I'm pretty sure pharmacists are trained to deal with medication and the interactions they have with other medications, which would explain the 6 years of schooling they require. Your doctor, however, is not nearly as informed as to those reactions might be and it is possible they don't know of all the medications you are taking. With that being said, I think you should get off your high horse and listen to the pharmasits, the fact is they are there to make money, they're not going to refuse you unless they really felt it was a bad decision.


Thank you for getting me off my high horse. As a college graduate myself I am very aware of the years they need to get licensed but thank you for the information.

There is no consistencies in what that pharmacist said because not all pharmacist agree and I do believe all pharmacists have put in the same amount of schooling. Its not about the money its about there policies they have implemented for that pharmacy. It doesn't matter what you feel it only matters how I FEEL....SO I AM NOT GOING BACK AND FORTH WITH YOU BECAUSE GEETING ON MY HIGH HORSE IS NOT WORTH MY TIME WITH YOU. And to end this my doctor for 10 years knows all of my medication he has prescribed for me.

Thank you very much... So get on your high horse and ride away...