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I've been putting up with Walgreens every changing rules and regs for over a year now and today the pharmacist just said "you are not eligible for this medication."

I have 5 separate diagnosed conditions that make me a pain management patient.

I've been on 30mg of oxycodone HCL immediate release every 6 hours and I had to suddenly stop. Hhmmm...wasn't there a warning sticker on my prior prescription that advises against that???

Help, help, help!! I tried the other 2 approved pharmacies my Dr. has listed on my signed, photographed and finger printed contract. Neither CVS store has had any since the beginning of the month and can't receive anymore until next month.

Camille - who has an orthopedic & vascular surgeon trying to save her foot from being amputated and going on my 6th surgery since 8/12 next month!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Freakin Walgreens has lost all their compassion for even long time customers with chronic pain. I would love to give their pharmicist a weeks worth of what I go through on daily basis.

They would curl up in the fetal position and cry like babies. If they came to me begging for help I would throw it back in their face the BS they have told me in the past "sorry I don't feel comfortable filling that prescription for you" The have totally gone in cover their butt direction.


pharmacist is south fl have a list of questions to answer in order to fill medications like oxy. if you fail any question they will not fill the script. it could be of qty, frequency, or even if you have been to other pharmacies.


That sucks but keep in mind a pharmacy has every right to refuse to fill a prescription. You need to talk to your primary doctor and go over EVERY medication your taking and have taken.

Pharmacists don't refuse a prescription for no reason. It has to be a conflict somewhere.


You are right on about everything except pharmacies don't refuse meds for no reason. Walgreens policy in South FL it is up to the pharmacist desertion whether or not to fill a prescription at least for pain meds Happened to me twice. But the other part you said was great advice there are thousands of people especially elderly that die from drug interacions every year.


This kind of thing is what happens when the DEA will not go after the real problem- the doctors who over-prescribe opioid pain medications. When walgreens, CVS, and all the other large RXs have to pay multiple million dollar "settlements" to the DEA to get them off their backs, who ends up paying for it in the end?

The legit people who actually need the meds. So, why is no one asking the question: Where are these prescriptions coming from that are getting refused? Until the DEA and/or state medical boards have a desire to police prescribers who over prescribe, legit people and pharmacists will suffer.

Btw, I am in no way implying you are not a legit pt. I also work as a pharmacist in another state.


I agree I'm not a pharmacist but even I think oxycodone isn't meant to be a lifelong solution to people's pain. I think it's meant to get someone through until they come up with a better solution.

Through therapy, surgery, time healing, or whatever. I would understand a terminally ill patient.

But I think that would come from a cancer dr. And I would hope that the pharmacist would do what they could in that situation.