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I have been using Walgreen's for several years for my medication. Today as in the past attempted to have my prescription refiled for adderall xr 20mg, which I have been taking for at least 5 years.

Due to not having to go monthly and paying high co pays to my doctor and the time it takes for these visits, my doctor as in the past writes 90 day supplies. Mr. Smith stated he does not feel comfortable filing this approved prescription from my doctor and authorized by my insurance company. I understand others may abuse this drug and many others, however, for Mr.

Smith does not give me a reason why he does not want to fill this prescription, after asking him several times. This medicine is vital for my well being, for ADD I did not know I had my entire life and keeps me from falling asleep when driving. I take the xr extended adderall because I don't want the effects of the medicine. I totally understand its a controlled substance, however there is no reason whatsoever for Mr.

Smith to refuse to fill the 90 day supply. I understand by laws he has the right to refuse anyone, however I am sure that Walgreen's has protocols. The other pharmacist at this same Walgreens has filed my prescription in the past, it may appear that may be discriminatory because I am a Caucasian and he is of black color. I am appalled and offended Mr.

Smith states he did not feel comfortable when he does not even no anything about me. The fact is I am a federal inspector for USDA for 15 years, 10 years postal service, and 3 years disabled veteran. Yes, a total of over 5 years federal service with no history of any drug use or arrests. I will never ever use Walgreens again for anything and I will ensure I state my complaint on every site on the internet and contact my local news media and congressmen.

This is not the American way of conducting business, not all people taking controlled substances are abuses. I am sure having employees conducting business like this, and possibly discriminating against other races is unacceptable.

I will ensure my complaint is forwarded to headquarters because such complaints will cost Walgreen's millions of dollars in revenue for Pharmacists who make decisions based on no merit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Cons: Pharmacist was rude.

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Actually BECAUSE he does not know you may play into his distrust. I work in a pharmacist and it is the pharmacists choice if they want to fill the prescription or not.

After all it is THEIR license on the line if anything goes wrong.

If Walgreens does have a protocol that makes pharmacist fill prescriptions, that would be very dangerous because it would allow pharmacists to have no professional judgement in their own practice. I think you should get over yourself.


Same by law you can get a thirty day supply at a time this is a federal law. The other pharmacist broke that law.


Incorrect. Federal law allows 90 days of C2 or three 30-day scripts (BUT NEVER can be listed as refill).

And states can put additional restrictions on different meds/scripts. I believe NY is the only state that prohibits a 90 day C2/prescription filled at once, but the physician can write three each 30-day prescriptions (can not post date, but other verbiage that must be stated on the extra two scripts).


This is incorrect, it may be a state law but not a federal law.


Repetition is helpful.

As someone else already mentioned, a CII drug can only be dispensed in a 30 day supply.

If a pharmacist has broken the law for you in the past they risk fines, loss of license and jail time.

Again, CII drugs can only be dispensed in a 30 day supply and require a new prescription each time. There are no "refills".


This is a controlled substance.By federal law he can only fill for 30 days and must have a handwritten script for each refill.If anyone else filled 90 days of this for you they broke the law.You can thank the dea for this but do not blame your pharmacist he does not want to go to jail for you.


Ignore these jerks. First they don't know you or your situation and second they are not the content control monitors.


Your complaint sounds like a drug abuser. Go somewhere else to get your drugs.


Quit playing the race card. Where I live any controlled substance can only be refilled on the day that it is due to be refilled.

The fact that you are a Federal Inspector for USDA, have been a postal employee, and of course are a disabled Veteran shouldn't have even been mentioned in your complaint.

Grow up! Rules and laws are subject to change.