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I went running and afterwards was feeling tired, realized i forgot my insulin needles. I stopped at Walgreens on nebraska avenue and u.s 19 in Palm Harbor florida, requested a box of insulin needles from pharmacist, she asked me for id, im 54 years old, i told her i didnt have my id with me that iwas out running and needed to take my shot she refused to sell me the needles, rude and incompetent. I got a candy bar and went to cvs, felt like i was going to pass out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your "complaint" makes no sense. First of all, why would you need to administer insulin during that episode of low blood sugar?

(Hint: You wouldn't.) Did you actually have a vial of insulin on your person, yet no needles or even an ID?

(I doubt it.) If you truly are diabetic, then you would know that needles are prescription-only. You can't just walk in off the street and be like "hey I want some needles." There was nothing at all wrong with requesting your ID to verify if you had a valid prescription or not.


Something is wrong with this post. If you needed insulin immediately, it was because your glucose level was too high.

You don't go and buy a candy bar to counteract that. It will only aggravate the situation and raise your number.

Only if your glucose was tanking would you eat quick carbs ; insulin would send a low sugar person into shock. Your story is backwards so I don't believe it.