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At my regular checkup at my PMD(pain management doctor) for my refill of pain meds.Take them to the one and only Walgreens I have used for the last six years with the same Rx meds. A Temp pharmacist filling in refused to fill one of my pain med rx's because she felt the amount was excessive(120 pills) for my Dx.(which is terminal).

I asked her to call my Dr. "No", she said and walked away saying it's Walgreens "good faith policy". I asked to see this policy and wanted to know what grounds this pharmacist had but I was told,Walgreens company policy that the pharmacist does not have to say. She red flagged me in the computer system as well.

I am a 62 y/o terminally ill patient seen at Moffitt Cancer Center. Back in 2000 I was given the choice to go to pain management or get my meds at the Center. I went to Pain Management. Back then I had no problem(getting my meds) and used a different Walgreens.

I have been a Walgreens customer over 25 years! As a disabled person I am filing a complaint against this pharmacist and the Walgreens with the ADA. I have never had an early refill, the dog never ate my meds, they never fell down the toilet-nothing like I have heard yet I was treated like a street junkie and that *** visiting pharmacist even wrote I had drug seeking behavior in the computer. For asking a legitimate question?

For asking why they wont fill my Rx? That is drug seeking? I was very polite,never raised my voice-WTF Walgreens?

I am from Tampa and the pharmacy is located on Dale Mabry!Why are these pharmacists allowed to make diagnosis's,refuse to call a legitimate doctor,file false statements in a state wide computer system-without ANY repercussions? For those living in Florida please see the page Fight for Florida Pain Care Action Network on FaceBook for help,filing forms or general support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

Reason of review: refused to fill legitimate Rx.

Preferred solution: Allow my Pain Management Dr. prescribe 120 pills on a certain pain med when needed and not make me jump through hoops and make my PMD write long notes to the pharmacist!.

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A pharmacist may refuse to fill a prescription based on his or her professional judgment or for a variety of other reasons. For instance, a pharmacist may refuse to fill a prescription because of concern about a possible interaction with another drug you are taking, because he or she has questions about the dosage or because of doubts about the validity of the prescription.

If a pharmacist believes that the prescription for a controlled substance is issued for an illegitimate reason based on the answers to their questions, the pharmacist will refuse to dispense the medications.

Although pharmacists are not supposed to deny prescriptions based on quantity alone, that is not necessarily the case. And yes, pharmacists do have a right to this HIPPA protected health information in case you are wondering. - See more at: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/c/240381/161487/refusing-prescriptions/#sthash.13hanxPI.dpuf

So pharmacists do have the legal right to refuse a prescription.

I am sorry you are in chronic pain, and hope you can find a pharmacist willing to work with you and your doctor, but this pharmacist has every right to say "I won't fill that prescription". Just like you have every right to take your business elsewhere.


Been ill with disease that will eventually take my life....twelve years but thankfully still around. Walgreen counter person refusing to allow filling of a break thru oain script because she felt it was "too early." Script dispensed on 18th....turned in on 21st, prior month script filled on 23rd. Written by same doc that handles all my meds, but because these pain meds so hard to get filled, Doc writes fill at 28 days.Countet help refused, called and talked to a pharmacist today, and am believing that even taking script in tomorrow, date supposedly when W algreens will fill...somehow they will be "out." A 58 year old grandmother, with an illness she will succumb to....profiled by W algreens counter person.