Traveling thru Salt Lake City, Utah I had a medical emergency. A painful one.

I was sent back to my motel from surgery with a prescription. The pain was serious and my infection was not to be triffled with. I went directly to the nearest pharmacy, anticipating escalating pain. When the pharmacy assistant handed the prescription to me for payment she said Tricare Insurance is not accepted.

I had concern about finding another pharmacy, was shocked by refusal of Tricare and the antibiotic was $113 . Walgreens does not value or respect military servicemen and women. Pass this information to every serviceman/woman, veteran and retiree.

Other pharmacies respect our sacrifice.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Chapel Hill, Tennessee, United States #694417

Exactly right, Tricare is not the problem, it is Tricares insurance carrier express scripts. The pay hardly nothing to pharmacies to that bill them.

Walgreens was literaly losing money in some cases by accepting the insurance. At the end of the day, its a business, and what since does it make to lose money? As if insurance companies arent big headed enough, expresss scripts is attempting to monopolize the industry by buying out ither insurance companies like medco (blue cross blue shield). Walgreens tried to stand up to them and put up a fight.

When they had the balls enough to do that, express scripts cancelled all plans. Walgreens was hoping other chains would do the same to protest the abuse of power, but they all were wimps and didnt have the backbone or walle ts to do it. So Walgreens lost against the big bad insurance company.

Walgreens has spent the last two years trying to come to a reasonable agreement. Some express scripts insurances have been negotiated and are accepted now but Tricare is still on th outs.


To be honest, the DoD, Express Scripts, Tri-Care, and Walgreens are all at fault. I'm sure the specific pharmacy you went to would be more than glad to take your insurance, but Tri-Care and Express Scripts aren't going to let it fly. So I would hope you are taking your concerns to Tri-Care and Express Scripts as well as they are not cooperating either.

Ocala, Florida, United States #691689

You are wrong. The person who runs Tricare would not sign with Walgreens out of spite because of previous year mess with express scripts. So if you want to complain to Military

person who handles insurance.

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