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Went to Walgreens, to get my oxycodone refill.

This is a different store, that I have previously used, as my Doctors office moved to that area.

I am in Walgreens database for the same doctor and same medication, for over 8 years.

Got a total run-around, and had my Rx refused.

I asked the pharmacist, is she has the medical credentials to over-ride my Dr.'s advice, that has been treating me for over 10 years on a one-time 15 minute consult, and had the nerve to answer in the affirmative.

I will never step foot in a Walgreens again, and I will tell, yell, post to anyone who will listen . . Do NOT do business with Walgreens.

(this is in the Philadelphia, PA area. on Monday March 21,2016)

Reason of review: Health Issue, when a pharmicist thinks she is a doctor.

Walgreens Cons: Your whole rx hidden policy, Pharmacist was rude, Rude customer service, Incompetent pharmacy service, D-bag pharmacist.

  • Pharmacy abuse
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Same exact did you ever happen to me March 28th dealing with the same Walgreens pharmacy for over 10 years. I was so livid and ended up going to the nearest pharmacy which is a Kmart they overheard my situation , and gave me my RX pain meds for free!

The manager and the pharmacist were completely incompetent- Mandeville, Louisiana Hwy 22 store. How can a pharmacist override medical doctors orders?


My name is Judith and I've had the same problem here in Ft. Pierce FL.

I've been going to this pharmacy since I purchased my home nearby in 09.

I'm on a life long regime of pain medication due to several reqasons.

One being I have a tumor inside my spinal cord that cause an even see amount of pain with any strenuous activity.

Every month I drop my script off I am met with such disrespect and judgment that I literally cry and feel ashamed. I am an upstanding citizen and have never been in any kind of trouble for anything my whole life.

I am a Notorious, I have a passport and I have a license to carry and conceal permit.. MY CREDENTIALS I'D SAY ARE IMPECCABLE.


Having too take painless so I can function every day on a normal day makes me feel like a criminal in its self. I don't need the 12.00 an hour cashier at walgreens deciding my life decisions and treating me as such...... I HAVE HAD IT !!!!!!! I'm getting an attorney to handle this.

This can't be right. People don't deserve to be treated like this. I totally understand he epidemic that's out there. I totally get that there is a problem..

but there is also a problem with discrimination on people with disabilities and Walgreens. I didn't break a leg a year ago and still trying to get meds.. I have a tumor (syrinx) inside my thoracic spinal cord.

I've been paralyzed before because of my lower back. I am tired of fighting for my pain meds...


If you have never filled at that location, and the first script you bring is a narcotic, then it stands to reason they will refuse it. Any pharmacy you have never used probably would.

And yes, a pharmacist is a doctor of MEDICATION and knows more about medications than your doctor does. They are also more regulated by the DEA and the federal government than your doctor is.


Ummmm... Pharmacists have the equivalent knowledge of a doctor if not more FYI