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Two weeks ago Monday, December 4, 2017 I had shoulder surgery specifically rotator cuff surgery I switched from my normal pharmacy miles away to the local Walgreens pharmacy which was two blocks away from my home since I was informed I could not drive within this time as I have been handicapped from the surgery and only have the use of one arm my right hand I dropped off the prescription immediately after I woke up on my way home from surgery I could not feel anything at the time due to pain blockers in and what have you from the surgery I contacted the Walgreens. the next day Tuesday, 5 December 2017 The Pharmacy Technition stated there was a problem filling the prescription due to insurance and it might take a few days to fill and to check back with them in a few days.

I then contacted them on Thursday and Friday of that week requesting information as to why my prescription was not being filled they stated it was due to my insurance was not going to pay for it I then suggested that I had cash and I don’t mind paying for it because I’m in horrible pain they said that they could not fill the prescription as they started to get rude I said OK well you know when can you fill the prescription they said into and two weeks 18 December 2017 I then said OK well it’ll do what you can and I’ll get back with you mind you I’m in horrible pain vomiting from such pain disorientated a little bit from the immense pain emanating from my shoulder as I could not sleep I could not eat I could not find a comfortable place to either lie down or sit up and I was depending on these meds to at least give me some type of relief but they elected to not be forthcoming and letting me know that they had such policies as to not fill these types of prescriptions. Therefore I waited Intel Monday the 18th and I was going to fill the prescription at Walgreens and I had contacted my previous provider which is Walmart and they said will bring the prescription and will fill it for you and I was very grateful for that in the meantime I had spoken with my surgeon twice spoken with my other physician about this situation and they said that Walgreens. was not acting in professional manner Walgreens. was deliberately keeping me from purchasing the medications I needed in order for me to function properly.

I then went into the Walgreens to pick up the hardcopy and I was met with nothing but snide snotty unprofessional behavior from pharmacists and farm tax mind you I have one arm but I’m using the other is in a sling strapped to my chest the farm tax asked me to provide identification I said sure so I pulled my wallet out and I flipped it open to the clear visible drivers license behind the plastic cover clear plastic she asked me to remove it and I immediately was offended frustrated flustered angry and shocked that she saw plain as day that I had the use of one hand and it takes two hands to get this idea out so I flipped it open and try to be on one handed league get my idea but in the process everything the entire contents of the wallet fell out all over the counter and onto her side of the register and stuff she started laughing this is not a joke I’m in tremendous pain I’ve been in tremendous pain and these people think it’s a joke. I gathered The contents as best I could to put them back into my wallet and I another farm tech asked me for my verbally ask me for my information I gave it to her she then handed me the hard copy of the prescription while they were having a nice laugh at my expense I not only felt humiliated but there was nothing I can do about them making fun of me I find this demoralizing and as I was crying I’m a grown man as I was crying on the way out of the store visibly shaken I could not believe what just happened how unprofessional these people are and since then I have researched Walgreens.

and any policies they may have in regards to dispense in pain medications and was met with a barrage of complaints and stories such as line where people were not even giving the opportunity of information little information that I got when it comes to Surgery and your depending on some type of relief and these people are laughing at you and holding your prescription and will not fill it because they want to play position I find an acceptable and I will file charges and I will contact the Attorney General’s office and the board of pharmacy to file a complaint as soon as I do that I will head over to the courthouse to find out how I can file a lawsuit I want to expose these practices by this sham of a company who are playing physician and dispensary of medications that are needed in order to function cross my mind since the pain was so horrible to put a bullet through my head because that’s how bad the pain was so I decided to start drinking instead they gave me a little bit a relief but is soon as the booze were off I had a tremendous headache and I felt worse than I did before but I had no other choice I am a firefighter I am the youngest of four who are are all police officers and I’ve never experienced anything from up huge corporation like this never experienced it never would’ve even thought that anybody would ever be this disrespectful in and vicious so I’m going to tell the world my experience and I’m going to help others who have had the same problem and let them know the truth about Walgreens Walgreens I am speaking of is located at fourth Street and Greg owes Road in Albuquerque New Mexico and the ZIP Code is 87107 good day. {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Most patients get their pain meds filled BEFORE surgery, so they are prepared when they come home. Either you were pulling some kind of scam or you are just really pathetic.

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