The store on J. Clyde Morris Blvd in Newport News Virginia has the rudest, least caring employees I have ever seen.

This pharmacy is supposed to be 24hours, but they will not fill a prescription overnight because they say that they have to call your physician. Who or what doctor is answering the phone at 2am? I guess patients in pain just have to suffer all night. Please thank the employees at the store for being so concerned about the patients health.

The pharmacist actually called customer service, but they said there was nothing that could be done. I find it hard to believe that no one at such a large corporation could approve my prescription. Maybe its a time zone issue.

Should have had them call my credit card, its daytime in Bangladesh.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #761651

The Pharmacist tried to help you! Stop whining and go to the Emergency Room if it's that bad! :cry :cry :cry

Fair Oaks, California, United States #745698

Hey Mike-

You seem to be ignoring information that does not support your original post. Walgreens now has a stated, written, posted policy that they will not fill valid, timely, legal prescriptions that their customers are fully entitled to if they do not "feel" like it. While I'm sure this policy is initiated when they are suspicious or do not feel like accepting the "risk", they are under an obligation to provide medical care if it's legal, appropriate, and warranted. Particularly if you live in a state which requires patients to go to a single pharmacy for medications to reduce fraud - in those cases, we do not have a choice of where to go.

Bottom line, the pharmacist is responsible for determining legality, dispensement procedures, and method of taking prescriptions - however, they are NOT responsible for determining whether a doctor's orders are appropriate or not, except in cases of multiple doctor's prescribing. They are NOT medical Dr's, and do not have the training to diagnose disease.

I understand where Walgreens is coming from - they got slapped, and don't want to take any risk anymore. That's okay - it's a corporate decision. But if that's the case, close your pharmacy and get out of the business. I wouldn't expect to call the police and hear "Your burglar's have weapons? Sorry, we're not willing to accept that kind of risk. But be sure to call us when the kid down the street plays his stereo too loud". Bottom line, if you can't (or won't) fulfill the entire gamut of pharmacy service, don't be surprised when people vote with their feet. I haven't been in a Walgreens since this policy started - CVS has been doing great in the customer service dept, BTW, at least here in CA...

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #745710

Nice speech. However, if you read the OP you will see that they never reveal the reason they were given that the physician needed to be contacted.

It may very well be for one the reasons you stated above. Also, I seriously doubt that the policy is written as you stated. I don't think you were even close. Thank you though for supporting my contention that the pharmacy has a right to refuse a prescription if they have any reason to believe it may cause harm.

As I said earlier, you doctor can't know what you are taking apart from what he prescribes. If he prescribes one thing and another dr prescribes another, neither knowing about the other, the result could be fatal. Think critically.

None if us know the real truth as we weren't there and the complaint leaves out some info. I have just been speculating

to MikeBrady #745917

Thanks for the wonderful compliments. However, I have been in the same position, and have had the same issues happen to me - I'm not speculating, I know exactly what happened.

In my case the prescription was refused (delayed?) because my Walgreens now has a written, POSTED policy stating they will refuse or delay ANY prescription for any reason they feel necessary, and that scripts may take up to 5 business days to be filled. My prescription was on time, I had been getting it at the same pharmacy for over 2 years, in the same dose, from the same Dr. The pharmacy associate tried to tell me it was a new federal law, but after checking with the pharmacist, found it was just a Walgreen policy, and that ALL pain medications would be required to be verbally confirmed by the Dr, even though I had a written, signed, SERIALIZED level 3 script. If they had given some advance notice, I could have requested it early, and brought it in early.

Of course, then they get upset cause they feel like you're trying to get over them early. Bottom line - Walgreens does not want to fill scripts that has any possibility to get them in trouble - and they're trying to get rid of pain patients. No problem, I voted with my feet, and went to CVS. They are very nice, and have no problems filling my scripts just like my doctor wants them to.


No, Walgreens does not have it displayed as I first posted - I added most of the adjectives so posters wouldn't jump in and speculate "Oh, it was probably early, or he went to another town, or they don't know him, or they don't know his doctor". It wasn't early, it wasn't new, I'm not new, it's 1 mile from my house, and the doctor has been there for 15 years and is 2 miles away.

In other words, valid, timely, and legal. They just want to check ALL pain prescriptions, and don't mind taking up to 5 days to do so...

Newark, Delaware, United States #740038

Ok, so. Full disclosure- I'm a manager at a Walgreens, and I very much dislike the way this company is heading in terms of how they treat their employees.

BUT- I have never worked in a store where the pharmacy arbitrarily denies filling prescriptions! Ever since the lawsuits in FL (if you don't know, google it), we have enacted a "good faith" policy when it comes to filling controlled prescriptions, so it is a little harder for is to fill a perscription for say, OxyContin. There are tons of hoops to jump through now. Corporate will no longer back it's pharmacists, either, if a perscription turns out to be false.

So if there is anything suspicious about it at all (did you get your 'script in a town over an hour away from the pharmacy, for instance?) they have to contact the doctor to verify it or they could lose their job.

Unfortunately this is the way it works now. Also, as stated before, even if the perscription is not suspect, if there are dr instructions that are not legible, there are no refills left, or in some rare cases 'scripts are actually written with instructions to contact the dr's office, the pharmacy is not legally allowed to fill it on the spot, which is to protect you!


Does radiation treatment ever run late? Yes it can the machines get off on one patient it sends everyone after that person off.

One patient throws up because of the chemo they have been getting for 15 days and the entire RADIATION machine shuts down. REALLY these WALMART LIKE PHARMACIES are terrible. No compassion at all for the customers.

Patients and the families caring for them need SOME COMPASSION.

Culver City, California, United States #729736

The only reason a pharmacy calls your doctor is if you are out of refills. It doesn't matter how big a company is - they are a pharmacy, not a physicians office or a hospital.

They only fill them, they can't write them. What reason did they give you for not filling it?


Grow up! If you knew you desperately needed prescription pain medication, you should have got in gear and got it during the daytime.

Who in their right mind waits until the middle of the night to get a prescription filled.

If you had just got it from an emergency room, they could have called the emergency room doctor to verify it. This is your fault and yours alone.

to anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #738781

You are out of your mind. It is exactly the pharmacy's fault.

If I have a prescription and they have a 24-hour pharmacy, no excuses for not filling.

Apparently you are one of those un-caring workers who rather pretend to help than help.

to Anonymous #738800

Think carefully. Why would they arbitrarily deny a prescription?

There had to be a reason they couldn't fill the prescription and probably told the complaintant why. The poster is likely leaving that out. If they were out of refills, the pharmacy CANNOT legally fill it. If there was anything wrong, they are legally and ethically bound to contact the physician - mistakes in medicine can kill.

What if the physician scribbled so illegibly that it couldn't be read? Should the pharmacist guess and just dispense anything? Do you want a pharmacist or a Doctor making the decisions about your meds? I'd rather be out of pain pills and still wake up in the morning.

Pharmacists aren't docors and CANNOT prescribe or dispense meds without a prescription.

They could be fired, fined and jailed. We don't always get what we want.

to MikeBrady #741455

It would help if you understood what a person with chronic pain goes through. It's not like they are able to awaken at a set time, go through their day with no problems, and have a good nights sleep with the rest of the world. Sometimes, a 24 hour pharmacy is a god send. After you've been laid up in bed writhing in pain, you finally find the strength to get your prescription filled it could be 10pm. Not everyone has an assistant.

It does not matter with Walgreens if you have been a long time patron with the same prescription filled monthly. It doesn't matter if it's the same doctor, meds, directions or anything else. Walgreens has decided to 'second guess' many doctors. In fact, they now post a sign stating they can refuse to fill a perfectly valid prescription for no reason at all.

I've seen a pharmacist 'decide' he knew better than my mother's doctor on what medications she should be on. The pharmacist decided to change my mothers meds and then INFORM her doctor. I didn't think that was legal.

The doctor gave him the talk, I gave him a talk but he stood firm. Needless to say she changed pharmacies and haven't had another problem.

Some pharmacists are on a kind of power trip.

People living with chronic pain is bad enough they don't need others changing treatment that their doctor and them know is right.

Not everyone needs to be handled like a baby.

If you were in pain and ran out of pain pills, I seriously doubt you would even want to wake up in the morning. Since you've never lived it, all you want to believe is they are junkies and need someone to 'control' their care.

to MikeBrady #741463

First, you know nothing about me. Second, pharmacists save lives by questioning prescriptions.

A doctor doesn't always know what else someone is taking. People often have more than one doctor. Did you ever wonder why the doctor asks you what meds you are taking and thought "shouldn't he know that?" Well, he knows what he prescribed, not what you are ACTUALLY taking. If a prescription he is filling contraindicts another it could cause death.

This is where the pharmacist can be a life saver. Anyway, your arguement is moot. It doesn't matter what you feel should be right - the law is the law - I didn't make it up. I just informed you.

How I feel is irrelevant too, lack of compassion isn't the issue. Again, the pharmacist must abide by the law. Why can't you understand that?

I am not stating opinion - it's fact. If you dislike it write your congressman and the FDA.

to MikeBrady Brooklyn, New York, United States #761653

No reasoning with a know-it-all, Mike. :? :x

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