Mchenry, Illinois

I've been on a low dosage of pain medications post-surgery for bone cancer. I have one local doctor who prescribes them my insurance and doctor allows me to fill them a few days early for convenience.

This month I was informed they won't fill it until the 31st day. This is an annoyance, but my real complaint is the lack of uniform enforcement. The policy disproportionately effects people with chronic pain and mental disabilities, since they find it suspicious that people are on the same meds for years. Either fill every prescription on the 31st day, or fill them when insurance and doctors allow.

Pharmacists are not real doctors, and I find it offensive that they are making these decisions. The effect on people with disabilities makes this a possible ADA issue.

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"@big mouthed rebelchick hope you have a child that gets cancer"

Wow. How immature.

You must not have ever had cancer........why would ANYONE.........ever ever wish that on anyone else? Why would any one ever wish to someone to have to watch their child suffer? If it is the law its the law.

You cannot get out of a drunk driving just by saying it's your birthday or you had a rough day. You can't rape someone "cause they were hot" They are there for a reason


And you can't make any sense.


There are laws regarding the filling of controlled substances. If you get too many "early refills," eventually you will have extra meds stored up, if you are taking as directed, and law will not let script be refilled until enough time has elapsed.It is not the pharmacist, it is the government.


REPORT TO ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


Go U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program



I agree with you. Pharmacist take an oath they do not follow.

sad to see especially with a chronic cancer patient. I know your pain so well.

Pharmacist have the GOD complex. The should have to spend a year on a cancer floor at a large hospital PANCREATIC, LEUKEOMIA,, LUNG, BONE ect CANCERS children and adults that can live for years SUFFERING and the families taking care of them DO NOT NEED TO BE JUDGE WITH YOUR GOD COMPLEX!


There are certain meds that cannot be refilled early. Narcotics are one of these.

This is the law. It's not a policy of the pharmacy, or the pharmacist. As far as pharmacsts not being "real" doctors, many of them are. I'm sorry you have cancer.

My mom does also.

However, we know those meds can't be filled early, and they are prescribed in an amount to get you through until the exact day they can be refilled. Don't use cancer as an excuse for abusing pain meds.

@Fed up

when you are the one with CANCER speak until then don't talk about YOUR MOM. she would be ashamed you have no clue how she suffers or any other person with A DEATH WALK!!


Don't tell that person what to do. If they want to speak about their mother, it's a free country.

There are laws that apply to these medications. If you cannot comply, I suggest you enter a Hospice where they can keep you on an I.V.

I am heartily sorry for your condition but the reality is, laws are laws and they aren't going to change them for you or anyone else. If you have a problem with the law, take it to your Congressman.


@big mouthed rebelchick hope you have a child that gets cancer and you have to deal with the GOD PAHRMACIST that takes you away from your childs side when they need you to hold the bucked while they vomit. hope you are the one dealing with the GOD PHARMACIST when you are at your wits end. REBELCHICK hope you get yours!!!!!!!


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it before on your other posts. Shut up about it now, sheesh! :roll


Laws have to be followed. There are some medications that are controlled substances and they have different rules than other medications.

They can't be filled until the day they expire.


Except that walgreens has taken it a step or two further than the law states.Yes you are legally allowed to fill on the 31 day but your refill may take 2 weeks longer than that.After that the pharmacist might even deny filling it.It does not matter if you are at deaths door having terminal cancer they will yell at you and degrade you in front of other customers.This is what I think people are really mad at.This is the future of healthcare people you voted for it.God help us all.