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After moving houses the closest thing to me was a Walgreens, so I went to have my prescriptions filled assuming they would be the same as Rite-Aid or CVS but when they look at my insurance card they said they refuse to take tricare military insurance. The stores are fine but the corporate offices have to be real idiots because there is no excuse for that especially when every other pharmacy even small family owned ones will accept it. I ended up having to drive extra to get to the Rite-Aid store just to get it filled and it was covered in full.

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FYI Walgreens didn't stop accepting Tricare by choice, they were offered lower than cost of medication reimbursement rates. Tricare wants you to use mail order and on base pharmacies.


Exactly right, Tricare is not the problem, it is Tricares insurance carrier express scripts. The pay hardly nothing to pharmacies to that bill them.

Walgreens was literaly loding money in some cases by accepting the insurance. At the end of the day, its a business, and what since does it make to lose money? As if insurance companies arent big headed enough, expresss scripts is attempting to monopolize the industry by buying out ither insurance companies like medco (blue cross blue shield). Walgreens tried to stand up to them and put up a fight.

When they had the balls enough to do that, express scripts cancelled all plans. Walgreens was hoping other chains would do the same to protest the abuse of power, but they all were wimps and didnt have the backbone or walle ts to do it. So Walgreens lost against the big bad insurance company.

Walgreens has spent the last two years trying to come to a reasonable agreement. Some express scripts insurances have been negotiated and are accepted now but Tricare is still on th outs.


This was due to person running tricare. They wanted to punish Walgreens or express scipt battle.

Walgreens offered o fill tricare t a loss but was still turned down. If want to fix he problem people in the military need to complain to tricare not Walgreens.