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But in small letter at the bottom it reads see coupon for exclusions,limitation and expiration. ect! and the expiration date is in 7 to 1o days. Why do you have good on next purchase. I dont go shopping every week

I feel like this is the same as the old shall game, where is the pea. I have decided to contact the better business. This is false advertising. I also will be contacting Pepsi. My be they can help me since you used their product. I fell like I was I will think twice before I return to you store. Iam not happy when some one is dishonest

Thank you

Ruth Burcham

Monetary Loss: $5.

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You are really ***. The coupon is from the manufacturer, not Walgreens.

The company is rewarding you for buying the product and put the expiration date on the coupon. You should be happy they give you anything at all. Heck if you are afraid of not using it in time find something around that price and use it rigth away.

It is free money given to you to use on most anything in the store. And yes there are going to be restrictions, but really there is still alot of things to buy that aren't restricted.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186913

This is adressed to the eight year old who write the letter. If your purchase is within seven to ten days the rewards program is good otherwise you are a SOL.

Anyone over the age nine knows this. Why did your parents not explain this to you? Also maybe you should understand what false advertizing is. If it says 7-10 days in small print that isn't false advertising.

Now if they refused to allow the rewards program withing seven to ten days then it is false advertizing. Your parents should have explained this to you as well.


Just for the record Register Rewards are a manufacturer's coupon, walgreens has no say in when they expire or not. In addition, no you may NOT double up and use RR's on 1 product NOR can you use a RR to recieve more RR's.

Have a problem with that? Consumers, please call (877) 210-1917, option 1.


Um. In addition to the points everyone made above, Register Rewards always expire in 2 weeks.

Not 7-10 days. That's ***, honey. Sorry people don't just hand you fistfuls of dollar bills.

That's just the way it works. If you're going to play the coupon game, you need to learn the rules.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #176644

This is not false advertizing. Just because you have the reading/understanding skills of a kindergardener does not make it false advertizing.


Wow...I would hate to work at the BBB, getting such petty complaints. Educate yourself before you go on a rant.


Wow...I would hate to work at the BBB, getting such petty complaints. Educate yourself before you go on a rant.


First of all... Please proof read before you post. It just makes you sound like the fool here.

Second of all, this is not an advertisement so good luck with the BBB. Its a coupon, or a REWARD as described, and the limitations are up to the Manufactures. You are being rewarded by the company whose products you have purchased, for making a purchase with the limitations they have provided.

And i can assure you that Walgreen is not doing anything illegal here or any bad practices so your wasting your time. Read the small print on the back of the ad paper please.

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