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Hi, I went to returned an item that doesn't was in a good condition, the worker asked me for my picture id and a personal information, name, address, phone number DL number. I asked him why I need an ID to return something, and he told me that was the procedure, I told him that was too much information he said I don't know and then called the manager to explained me, I asked him why all of that and he started to scream saying that was a company policy for returns, and if I don't like it I cant return the item or go get and call corporate office and asked for the return policy, I told him that he doesn't need to scream or have a bad attitude in order to answer my questions, he stated that he will have that attitude because that its the policy, I saw behind me and was a long line and he still screaming I asked him to stop talking to me that way and gave him my ID because he was keeping talking.

I reviewed their return policy and don't said anything about ID picture and all the information they asked me and actually put in the system, my question its: this is legal? request my ID and put all that information in the system?

is this manager properly trained to deal with customers? I was the one asking him to calm down he was screaming and I was embarrassing with all the line looking at me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Deal.

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welcome to 2014 the world of technology! MOST retail stores today require this information, and it is common practice.

From the wording of your complaint, YOU were probably the one that was screaming and causing the scene.

Just give the required information and get on with your life, major companies have been tracking that information since the 90's. DONT be pissed that Walgreens has just caught up with the technology and is now tracking the information.


:cry :cry :cry


It is what it is. It tracks who returns things.

The manager was in the wrong for being so disrespectful but when certain items are returned a prompt on the screen asks for the information.

If we cannot collect it from you we can't perform the return. If you don't feel comfortable with it contact the district manager of your local store.


You are right the manager does not need to scream at you but you probably "forgot" to add your own behavior.


is this manager properly trained to deal with customers?"

Yes, he probably is, not giving in to temper tantrums does not mean he has poor customer service skills.

Also I like how you "forgot" to mention that you did not have a receipt and that the only reason you were asked for ID was because you did not have one.


Walgreens will ask for your information for any return without a receipt or for any return over $10.00 with a receipt.


You don't mention providing a reciept for your return. I wonder why?

With a reciept, the question would not have been asked.

Without a reciept, it is required. Not only is it required, but you are given the lowest sale price for the item in question.


That's a lie. I HAD a receipt and was still asked for ID. Why is this?


Google it many stores, target, best buy, hobby lobby are doing it. Is it illegal in some states (Hawaii) you can refuse.

They have no right to your ID at all.

An entire new industry tracking your returns is making SOMEONE rich.