Montgomery, Alabama
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I bought 3 STRUTZ, 73554170412) from Walgreens on 5 March 2013. I returned these items on 6 April 2013. When I checked my Visa statement the following day, I only got credit for the return of one item instead of 3 items. The problem occurred because the cashier (Brandon) processed the refund transaction separately for each item instead of just one refund transaction for all the 3 items. Brandon ended up doing this separate refund transactions because he had difficulty processing the 3 items under one refund transaction.

I brought this problem to the attention of Mr. Foley, Walgreens Store Manager in Redondo Beach on 21 April 2013, where I bought this merchandise. Mr. Foley said that their Walgreens store could not resolve this problem because the refund transaction receipts had already been forwarded to their corporate office. Mr. Foley suggested I contact Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), which issued my credit card, because NFCU may be able to resolve this problem in my behalf. This has been my second time to talk to Mr. Foley and I gave him a copy of the refund receipts along with my name and phone number. The first time was on 13 April 2013 which I was told, it takes 7 business days to resolve this problem and come back after such time.

I called the NFCU on 22 April 2013 and talked to Karen, one of their Customer Service Representatives. I reported to Karen that I only received one credit refund instead of 3 for the 3 items (STRUTZ, 73554170412) I returned to Walgreens. Karen told me that the NFCU which issued my Visa card can't do anything because the refund transaction was done by Walgreens. Karen suggested I send a copy of the refund receipts to NFCU ATTN: Credit Card Chargeback & Resolution, P.O. Box 3503, Merrifield, VA 22119-3503 for their review and resolution.

I returned to Walgreens on 23 April 2013 to follow up my refund but Mr. Foley was not around. Instead, I talked to Junior Martinez. He said he wasn't made aware of my refund problem. He called Mr. Foley who then apprised Mr. Martinez of my complaint. Mr. Martinez found the copy of the refund receipts along with my name and phone number after talking to Mr. Fowley. Mr. Martinez said that they'll follow up my complaint and to call their store for update. It's been almost 3 weeks now and this problem hasn't been resolved yet.

Rene Decal

Redondo Beach, CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Did the management ever pull up the transaction(s) on the computer to see if the cashier actually returned all 3 or if he just returned one of the items? The electronic journal will show what was processed on that day and time of your return.