Houston, Texas
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Deerpark center st seems though smart alleck n demeaning custumers seems to b their goal these youngsters need to take some lessons in manners they r beyond rude i do not understand how when you call to resolve problem the *** (manager) what a joke says the main manager will call you n her resonce on when she wood b returning the call "when she feels like it) like a 10 yr old raised by monkeys rude monkeyd thes people rude monkeys !"""

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Another complaint from a person that doesn't know how to spell, doesn't know how to speak respectfully about other people. You do realize, don't you that when people have to resort to name calling it is because they are too ignorant to think of other words to use.

Furthermore there aren't any youngsters working any place. If they are old enough and mature enough to be working they can be considered as young adults.

You refer to some of them acting like ten year olds, well, I have news for you, you sound like a four year old. Grow up and quit complaining about the same business multiple times.

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