Houston, Texas

Walgreens in deerpark tx is a joke! !! These people r soooo rude n woodnt no manners and play lil kid games n think they r funny walgreens seems to b hiring rejects from the zoo these people have no empathy basically they seem to get a kick out of b n *** bags n have no common sense n lily west must have been raised by ghetto no manner havin hillbillie monkeys so if u need a problem resolved you will jus get these hoodrats givin grief best jus to bann together as humans n go to another pharmacy that doesnt think hoodrat behaviour is acceptable been a customer for years not n e more

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Find another store to shop. Walgreen employees are glad to get rid of you.


Before you complain about other people not having any common sense, check your own common sense. Your rating must be lower than the employees you are criticizing.

You really have to learn proper capitalization, punctuation, AND spelling.

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