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Went to Lebanon, IN Walgreens 9/2/14 @ 8:50 pm. (I thought they closed at 10:00 pm).

I stated who I was and that I needed to pick up my birth control. The Pharmacy Tech named Mary (heavy set with reddish brown curly hair and blue eyes) did not state that there was a problem and just asked me for my insurance card. I stated that I had my medical insurance card, but because I work for a Catholic hospital, the group number was different. She throws the card back through the slot.

I tell her that she doesn't need to be so rude and she tells me that I'm rude and do I want to pay $133.00 for the script? I said that I have never had this problem before, and before I could get out that I was going to pull around and call for the correct information she stated that I'm so rude and all she's trying to do is help me. I was so upset that I just stated that I will pick up my script another time. I came home to get my script info and called the pharmacy to file a complaint and spoke with the pharmacist who had apparently fixed the issue promptly after my departure.

I'm very upset about this encounter because all she had to do was ask for help, but instead blamed me.

This is birth control- not some narcotic where judgment is mostly given by these individuals, so why was she so rude? I'm calling my doctor tomorrow and switching the script to CVS.

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don't know why it matters whom you work for. they should of had the insurance on file if you did the script with them before...did insurance change or lapsed? was it a moral objection with your job?