Norfolk, Virginia

A manager refused to take back candy that I had health problems with because it was from another Walgreens store and it had been 3 weeks and melted in the summer heat.

It melted because it was hot and I do not waste my time caring for something I do not care for that is store that candy in a cool place.

Also the retun policy says 30 days and at any Walgreens store. Manager gave me an attitude since it had been 3 weeks still within 30 days and commented that it was from another store. Having a return policy in writing and then doing the opposite of what it says is extremely dishonest. Even though policy says that stores can limit or refuse refund the fact that I got an attitude when I was within the 30 day window and the fact that the manager seemed to not be happy with the fact that it was from another store against policy is too much. Also it was summer where people have fun not worry about storing candy in proper places.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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This has to be fake.



use your candy as a face mask anyway is already melted!


You do know that a return is also expected to be in re-sellable conditon right? Even if an item is broken, you can't bring back a defective stereo with the powercord missing. And you can't bring back candy stuck together in a ball.


Is there not a way to instill the right to refuse a refund without an attitude? I'm sincerely asking this because a manager bringing out an attitude is one thing.

The other is stating that he will not do the return because it was from another store and is completely ruined, and you considered it to be a bad attitude. It could have been the same day of the transaction, and the store has every right to refuse the refund.


Maybe you need to return your brain for a new one. Apparently I need 12 words a b c d e f g h I j K l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z now you know your abcs next time don't be *** as thee