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I have complained at the store, to the management of the store & pharmacy.

I am very tired of way I am not only trested, but also, the extreme rudeness, condisending, lack of compassion treatment shown to me.

The Walgreens pharmacy , in Ferndale, Wa,

it seems, that no amount of complaining has had any affect, with regards to improvement.

You would at least think, that people in such positions, would at least have some small part of a heart.

Every dog has his day!

Some day, i hope they have to indure such treatment, because I think, that is the only way, they might realize how they have made, someone like me feel.

Having gone thru over 20 surgeries, and yet, being brought to tears by the treatment of a pharmacy.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When someone is in a pharmacy they are most times sick or in pain.Add on to this a drug store which is rude to its customers does not make it ez.There is no reason for anyone at the store to be rude like this.This store lacks in compassion for the people who actually pay their wages by going there to get their meds filled.Soon walgreens will close and all those jobs will be gone.Walgreens should really look at how they are destroying themselves from the inside.


Aren't you mature enough to not be brought to tears over some minuscule treatment that isn't even severe enough for you to tell us what is so bad about the treatment you have received. IF you had really been treated badly you would have told us what happened.

Condescending is spelled wrong in your complaint, unless you mean something completely different. As far as you having over 20 surgeries, I know a couple people that have had more than that and they don't sit around whining about how a store employee treats them.

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