Mooresville, North Carolina
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In a nutshell Mooresville North Carolina Walgreens River Highway accuse me of stealing a beach bag cops came to my house I went up there and told him where I laid it I did not buy it I left it there they swore I had it I will be sueing them, or emotional abuse false accusation and whatever else

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hey baby, you look HOT! Thank's for posting your picture.

i wish that I had a girlfriend like you. When I win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes I'll look you up and ask you out on a date.

Houston, Texas, United States #1180598

I had this same exact thing happen to me at a Sallys Beauty Supply, except the cops got called there and frisked me in front of the store in the middle of all of these buisnesses and I'm a hairstylist in that area. I was and still am furious about that!

I've spent so much money with Sallys over the years and have never stole anything in my entire life. I kept telling them to check my pockets if they wanted to before the cops were called, and told them that if they would just check the surveillance video they were gonna feel really ***. Crazy thing was I hadn't even checked out yet, and had 200 dollars worth of stuff in my basket I was buying and this was over a measly primer that I ended up setting on a shelf before I went up to register to pay, because I decided at last min I did not want it.

What the ***!!? Still to this day *** me off and that was over a year ago!


Why did you post a picture of yourself? This isn't a dating website.


You're beauiful


Well you definitely stole something. I would have believed you if you didn't post a picture.

But if I would imagine what a thief looked like, your image comes to my mind.

So don't steal, just buy it. Or get your pimp to

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1002787

If you don't buy it, put it back where you found it. What are you teaching your kids ?


Hmm.. The police would only come to your house if they've investigated the accusation from walgreens. They wouldn't just take the store's word without first finding some form of evidence, much to many people's dismay.


Maybe if you put it back where you got it......this would not have happened.


tell them to check their security footage and to *** off.

to Anonymous #990955

Which is obviously what they did...

to realm188 Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1155040

IKR? No fan of Walgreen's here but they have been using security camera's there for years and have been helpful in solving other criminal cases where a criminal visited a walgreens after committing heinous crimes.

I have seen numerous cases of this on Dateline.

The really only good thing about Walgreens. Shoplifting costs everyone.

The Police wouldn't have bothered with showing up on someone's doorstep without evidence I would imagine. Since there's no update, I guess she's in the pokey.

to JudyMM #1166296

Not a fan of them either but you are right hon. Some people just don't think or look behind the curtains.

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