Dover, Delaware

I have a walgreens five mins from me. I live in Dover Delaware.

For example I have a rewards card and I come in maybe once a month or more to purchase walgreens Vinyl gloves walgeens brand and they have 120 in box for $16.00 very expensive so I want to use my rewards card to take some money off and it doesn't it don't except the rewards card. So I go across the street to cvs and give my cvs card and it takes money off. This is you just lost a customer to me and many other people if you have a rewards card it should *** money on all items except sale items.

And I need these gloves to work as a cashier. So I think it is bad customer service if you have an employee with an adittude and says to me every time nothing comes off these gloves so if you can't use your rewards card and get money off why have the card??

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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Duh, you have to build up points to get rewards cash taken off! :roll The card doesn't take anything off if the item is not on sale at the time or you've not built up enough points.

Shopping once a month isn't gonna build up your points. :upset


Dear customer,

I suggest you visit and view the information about the Balance Rewards program. It's a great way to accumulate fantastic savings.

I know reading and writing is really really hard and can take away time spent doing other things, like jumping into a contract without reading it or not looking at the signage on the road when driving for example. One must start somewhere, so give yourself some time and start out with a dinner menu.

Work your way up from there to digesting retail savings cards. The world is your oyster.


This is the moment where all walgreens employees use the phrase "reading is ovverrated" get over yourself customer pay attention when you signed up for the card when the employee told you what it's for wow


Ok the card only works on items that are on sale for that week. Its not always gonna be the same sale.

Thats why there are weekly sales ads. We not like CVS where it takes money off all the time. We have the point system as well. Im sorry you had such a "bad" experience but you also have to understand how frustrating it is on our end dealing with people who assume we are made to fix everything.

We are people too and wish yall would take the time and tell a walgreens employee or any retail people thank u. :grin


If they're not on sale, it doesn't matter. you do not automatically get a discount just because you have the card. Customers don't seem to get that...


The rewards card is mostly a membership card; you only receive savings if the item is on sale. Non-members pay full price. No sale = no discount. You only have money on the card to use towards your purchase if you've made qualifying purchases prior. Items throughout the store have tags promoting them (e.g. "Spend $20 on this brand..." or "Buy 2 or more participating items..." and receive 2000 points). On a VERY rare occasion, Walgreens will do a promotion giving you 10 points per dollar spent or 1000 points for any purchase that day, but those are few and far between.

A lot of chains now have some rewards card. And they all work differently.

Do your research.


Your lack of proper grammer or use of correct punctuation immediately causes me to discredit your legitimacy. Allow me showcase your abilities, "This is you just lost a customer to me..." and "...some money off and it doesn't it don't except the rewards card."

It appears that discounted gloves should be the least of your worries.


:grin :grin :grin


These cards are to track your purchases. They want to know how to market more stuff to you


If they market anyone, it's completely generalized. You don't even need to enter in your email or home address.