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Went to Walgreens to get a couple of passport pictures - 2 for $11.99. Expensive, but not outrageous. I asked for 4 additional copies for visa applications and was told no problem. Well, Big problem. The charge for 4 additional copies is 24 dollars.

This, according to Walgreens employee is "corporate policy". I was not informed the price would be so huge. I know that I didn't expect it and I doubt any customer would.

At a minimum, if they are going to charge such ridiculous amounts for 4 copies they should inform the customer before hand. If this is reflective of their other pricing schemes - well you know why I won't shop there anymore.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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It should seem like people should have the common sense to assume that if one set costs $12.99 than you should multiply x2 for additional sets. Are you really complaining about your mistakes? Smh.

Gainesville, Florida, United States #786619

If the first two pictures were $11.99, and you wanted 4 more,

2 x 11.99 = 23.98. Simple math, not a employee issue thinking the customer

can add

but a customer issue in not using common sense.


another unhappy customers WHY? becasue they are terrible.

WORKING at this company is terrible corporate can decide after working for them for years you NEED A PAY CUT??? why? becasue they can hire others to do your job for less.

Over and over again they want you to take PAY CUTS??

Warren, Michigan, United States #776814

hate to be the one who has to say this but you said 2 for $11.99, so an additional 4 even at 2 for $11.99 would be 23.98 (let's just call that $24). You could have always asked the price before you got them.

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