What is with the Walgreens on Fairfield and Mobile Highway they are always the slowest as matter fact they're so damn slow they had to go down to one lane instead of to do at the drive-thru because they're not capable of maintaining both lanes and then they make you sit there for 30 minutes however if I'm the one at the window they always tell me to drive around the building and come back. *** ridiculous I should not be sitting here for 20 minutes and one car not we're not even moving the first car has been here for 20 minutes and they are letting it sit there.

And you can't get in the second line because by God they got it blocked off out of all the Walgreens in Pensacola they're the only ones that can't handle two lanes. I wouldn't *** me off when I come here like every other week and somehow my rewards are never available or I don't have any I cannot see how that's possible unless they're dumping them before they're supposed to.

User's recommendation: Go to CVS.

Preferred solution: Get your *** together and get quality people here inconsistency wouldn't hurt either.

Location: 5995 Mobile Highway, Bellview, FL 32526

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