Naperville, Illinois

I had to speak to a pharmacist about fulfilling one of my scripts--couldn't do it automatically due to some issues.

Tried to contact them several times, but always hung up after 15 minutes on hold.

Today, I NEEDED the meds, so I stuck it out on hold.

After 49 minutes on hold (with the message telling me there was ONE customer ahead of me), I finally called the store itself from a different phone to ask how much longer the hold would be. THAT person put me on hold for 12 minutes until FINALLY the pharmacist came on the line.

The pharmacist was very helpful, but still hasn't been able to resolve the issue.

The wait times are always bad at this store, but this has taken the cake.

I'll never willingly use their pharmacy again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Why does everybody hate on LadyScot so much? She's right about everything she posts.

Walgreens has policies that we, as techs, must follow. I personally work for walgreens and she is correct. We must help the customer in front of us BEFORE we attend to the phone calls. Maybe you called at a busy hour or maybe you should try going to the pharmacy next time.

There are many pts to serve and we won't just drop everyone to help one person. Im sorry it doesn't work that way.


The people in front of them take precedence over the phone. Can you really not figure that out? How would you like it if you are in line in the pharmacy to fill a script and instead of helping you they spend their time on the phone with people who can not seem to drag themselves to the pharmacy?

In our pharmacy the phone is not important, the patient in front of me is.


You're an ***. Every customer is important


OK. The next time you come into my pharmacy I will make sure to take care of all the phone calls first, then wait on you. How's that?


:( :( you obviously are a pharmacist wannabe. You are more

likely the floor cleaner! Why not refrain from posting ?you are truly an *** and if you do work for Walgreens they should fire you asap!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you like working there so you can siphon off a few narcotics without anyone noticing! BTL of you it is more then likely you are the one with a drug problem Lady Scott. :( Good luck!)