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I needed 2 passport photos for my daughter, but I also need about 10 more copies for other papers.

The guy took the photo, charge me 10.99 for the first 2.

And guess what, he charge 10.99 for each 2 other photos that he printed for me, even though he just took the picture once. It probably costs 20cent to print an additional passport photo.

And here this *** is trying to charge me $10.99 for 2 printed, as if he had to take the photo and edit it all over again.

I was totally pissed. Will never do any photo business with Walgreen.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1304500

The service is very poor. The photographer printed the worst pic for my little boy.

I'm wondering if I can go back and ask them to print the better pic. I did the pics today


Passport photos are specialized photos. Any place will charge like that for those.


Today I got 4 passport photos from Walgreens (since I needed in hurry)

And it cost me 29$ and they even refused to give the digital copy. It's really a bad deal for the price


The bottom line, no matter where you go, passport photos are hopelessly overpriced. There is almost no cost involved in taking the pictures (except, maybe electricity), since we long time ago moved to digital photography, and the price for printing to a standard photo-paper is 30 cents for all other photos.

So, why is it so expensive for passport photos? Because, those places profiteering from a customer who has no other choices...

Try bringing your own professionally done passport photos on as digital file to the store for print and they will deny you the service, even though, it involves nothing else for them than for any other holiday picture you would bring.

Why? Because, they want to sell you their own completely overpriced service.


I got some pp photos today from Walgreen's. Bottom line is it is a service that is overpriced and not as advertised.

I went for the convenience aspect and it was not worth it. Spent $12 and decided to not even use the photos.

Learned my lesson. Should have just trusted some comments online.

Sunnyvale, California, United States #970750

Actually reprints don't cost that much. Go to Costco next time.

They are $5 for reprints. Walgreens is a complete rip off.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #816424

You must be the same type of person who goes to McDonald's, orders 50 Big Macs, then expects a discount on 49 of them because you paid full price for the first burger. :cry :cry :cry

to Anonymous Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #880565

Copies should be cheap. The cost is more for setup and other effort.

Specially if you have kids, to get their snap is tough and time consuming for employees, so they charge more.

But copies should be less. Check out DMV, they charge around $40 for renewal but around $5 for any additional copies.

to Anonymous Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #884466

You are a very dumb person. Reprints of any other sizes of photographs are 20 cents or less for each copy.

This should be for passport photos as well. I understand the higher price for the first photo, because it has to be within the specifications. But it takes almost nothing to reprint.

This is one way consumers are being cheated. Go to other countries - reprints of any photos be it passport or otherwise, is way cheap.

Madison, Alabama, United States #783677

I have the same experience, they do charge extra set as the very first set.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #696323

Well, I just did it at home for free. All I needed was a regular printer.

I took some leftover photopaper from my wife. I asked her to take a picture of me standing against the wall. I crop the head out using a free online service that sent me the file I uploaded but in 2x2 format that fits a 4x6 photopapers. It turned out so great that I did it for my wife too.

We needed 16 passport photos for our immigration application, so imagine how much money we had saved.

Wallgreens is the same as other places, a total ripoff. I feel bad for many of you who are *** enough to think it isn't.


I went into my local Walgreens last week for passport photos, as one can save a few bucks by getting them there for about $10 instead of at the USPS for about $15, and so when I take them to the post office the pictures don't nearly meet their big brother facial recognition system requirements, so he tells me they're no good. Whatever, I have no qualms at this point. Despite the incompetence of the Walgreens staff to take and print a photo to a certain standard, the exaggerated price of a couple photos (side note: just because a price is set by someone not in the store, doesn't mean its right for those in the store to sell it. "We're just following corporate orders" is the sound of a sheeple.), or the poignant dickishness that can be applied like no other than a public servant.

What really got me to type all this out was when I went back to Walgreens and proceeded to (calmly and respectfully) demand my money back for a product I never truly received, but paid for, and was met with dawdling, more incompetence, flat denial, then eventually argumentum ad hominem.

Done. So done with Walgreens and those who believe that they are too big/ wealthy a group to face consequences.


you can't be serious? You just assume the other copies will be cheap.

Why didn't you ask? You wait until the photo guy does the work then complain about the price? I don't care if you bought 100 passport photos. The price is the price.

They are a corporation not a mom and pop store you can barter with. You can't just make up the price you want to pay.

What the heck is wrong with you? I call BS on this one because there is no way an adult would think this way.

Denver, Colorado, United States #607297

Thanks "Hateripoff". Who is ignorant now? :p

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #605152

you're a *** Go ask the post office for 10 copies and see what they charge you ***!

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #604616

Wait until you actually have to pay with your hard earned $. And yes, they charge 19 cents for reprint of all other kinds of photos.

That's why it is deceiving to customers. What's so special about passport photos that they should cost more?

I bet idiots like the burger guy above would believe they are made of special materials. Just to save you the time because it would take you, burger brain, two weeks to find the answer, they are not.

to Chungphamsy Tacoma, Washington, United States #606390

Only 4x6 photos are 19 cents a reprint when you buy 50 or more, 5x7s are 1.99.

The reason why passport pictures are so expensive is because they have to meet a regulated size on a plain white background with suitable lighting. If you want to whine about it, how bout you just do it at home next time?

Otherwise you can go to any other business and get charged more for the same thing. You're just an immature and ignorant individual who just likes to complain.

to Employee Chicago, Illinois, United States #956254

You should charge the same amount for all reprints whether its passport pics or any other, otherwise its rip off. There is no reasoning behind charging more for passport reprints.

to Employee #1002008

Well, then there should be no additional cost involved in printing already existing passport photos that meet standards from a digital file that I bring to store. Should cost the same as any other print since you don't have any work to do in sizing or composition...

Tacoma, Washington, United States #604614

The price for a pair of passport pictures is 10.99. You don't get free recopies, that's retarded and nobody does that. You just want free stuff, well buddy - passport pictures (No matter what they are actually for), cost money.

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