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I had to go through Lowcountry Community Action Agency,Inc here in Walterboro SC. I take alot of medication and I cant pay for it thank goodness for this agency.

They use the Walgreens in Walterboro SC, I get a voucher for my medstake the voucher to Walgreens and they fill the prescriptions. I went in today with 4 prescriptions but could only get 1 of them today I can get the other 3 on the 18th nothing difficult about that so I thought, They had to make a big deal out of it saying well the one you want today is only $15.00 I said I know that but I have this voucher for a reason I dont have any money! I just want my Blood Pressure meds today I will be back on the 18th to pick up the rest. With that settled I sat down and waited for my Blood Pressure meds, when it was ready I went to counter and over heard the pharmacist say it would be $55.99, when I asked why the cost went up that much in 30 min.

the manager couldnt answer that question.

I also asked him why the first lady I talked to when I walked in the store also told me the cost of the meds was only $ 15.00 he again said he couldnt answer that question, I asked him why the cost was only 15.00 at CVS without insurance again he couldnt answer that question, I ake3d him was there any question he could answer, I made him mad and he asked me if I wanted my meds, I took my meds and told him I was going home make some phone calls I was going to make some heads roll this is wrong. The agency that is helping people like me really needs to tell Walgreens where they can shove their so called help now I cant get all the meds I am prescribed because Walgreens markup is crazy!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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You're going to make heads roll because a WALGREEN pharmacist couldn't/wouldn't answer a *** question about CVS pricing policy, and couldn't tell you why some random employee MAY have given you incorrect info? Good luck with that! and btw total *** move to ask if there was any question he could answer, did it make you feel like less of a loser to talk down to him?


So the first person you talked to when you walked into the store was the cashier? (these are your exact words) WERE you aware that the PHARMACY is located in the back?

Maybe you should drop off your pill bottle or script at the photo counter and get your prescription filled from the photo machine? ARE YOU AN ABOLUTE ***?

After reading your complaint I would say YES!!!


Hmm ... Let me get this correct ....

your mad at people who actually work for a living, pay income tax which in turns pays for your medicine. By the way a lot is two words.

@Common sense

Common sense I think no compassion. Should be your user name!

You have no clue what that person is going through! And NO one has the right to treat her that way in no manner what so ever! If you are just a mean grumpy person who preys on blogging on comments that are rude.

Then you need to evaluate who you are. And hopefully change it!