Seattle, Washington
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Called the night before asking if they were a PPO provider for a flu shot. They said they were, went in the next morning and gave them my info and said I would have to pay for the shot ($49) and than I would have to submit it myself to insurance, relayed that wasn't the case so they called my insurance.

Thirty min later (mind you three employees no other customers) they said nope wont cover it.

After calling myself and relaying the rudeness from the tech to insurance they are NOT a PPO and didn't get any apology or anything, they were very rude! Frickin know who you are a PPO with or at least admit when your wrong.

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All preventive care is free according to the new healthcare law.This qualifies as preventive.Walgreens just hires uneducated people and if i were you i would just get the shot from your doctor at least hopefully you can trust your doctor more.I would never trust a pharamacist with shots.They really are not trained to give shots at all.

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