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I went to kissena blvd ny Walgreens and found that the employees are so rude and pays no respect to the customers. I tried to inform the manager and one short Spanish guy introduced himself as an assistant manager who was also rude; later on I found out he is not an assistant manager.

I felt so helpless; literally I cried and promised myself that I will not go to the Walgreens anymore even though that was my favorite store. I hope management will look after the rudeness which comes as a "FREE" even though they don't want customer like me who buys a candy wasting a parking spot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Did you call the survey number on any of your receipts and report this to corporate?


I second Joan, no need to cry over candy. FYI, do you know walgreens corporate shmucks have a new policy to push candy (unhealthy food). You might be diabetic and they are forcing the poor cashiers to push candies.

Also, that short guy with pony tail is not spanish...he is Guyanese.


OMG grow up! :roll Don't sit there and make it look like anyone is pushing Diabetics to buy candy!

Suggestive selling is part of the job for the "poor cashiers". We have this thing in America. It's called 'quitting' if you're not happy with your job. We also have freedom of choice here.

If a "Diabetic" doesn't want to purchase candy, well they don't have to. No Mafia guys are gonna show up and rough them up for not buying that candy bar at Walgreens! Corporate Schmucks? :eek Why don't you quit acting like a jealous Ne'er-do-well and stop slamming people who have made a career and actually made it past he level of stock boy?

:upset Why don't you next go around and tell everyone off who suggestively sells anything? Make sure you facepalm this kid at McDonald's next time they ask you if you'd like an Apple Pie with your order or that you body slam the cashier at Wendy's for asking you if you'd like fries with your order or perhaps the combo?

Jesus, would you like some cheese with that whine???? :x


Why cry over this, if all you wanted was some candy? Candy isn't anything to cry over, and the way employees act isn't anything to cry over either. Myself I wouldn't drive anyplace just for candy.


Maybe she was crying out of frustration. Did you think of that?

Not everyone is going to handle things the way you do. Some people are more sensitive than others.